Possible Jet Pack Harness??


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Possible Jetpack Harness??

Hey all, I dont know if this has been done yet. Sorry if it has. I baught this at the 'ol local Wal-Mart and I think it may turn out to be quite a good harness. It is a Atlas Back supporter turned around backwards. I have not hung a jet pack on it but I had someone tug on the back as if one was there and the harness did not move on me and inch (y) !! I was very surprised. There is also no problem sitting down in it and made me stand up straight in my suit. May want to check it out. Whats $15.00 on top of what we have all spent on our suits? :)



Jimmy BufFETT

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Looks sturdy and comfortable. Problem is it looks like it will show through the bottom of the vest.
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