Possible Boba Gloves?


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Hey could these gloves i found in a local store be used for boba gloves? There quite baggy, (might try and shrink them in the wash) but there ok, they were cheap aswell :) which is always good! I was thinking of dyeing them as im doing ROTJ. The material is some kind of canvas for the top, then suede-type material for the bottom.

Any ideas?



They'll probably work just fine.. they just need a little work.. that's all..

and don't get bugged if you don't get any replies.. people in Europe are getting to bed and the fellows in the US are about to return home from their jobs and are probably stuck in traffic.. give it time.. replies will come..;)
The only thing I would see it being too loose. They look like my gardening gloves. Which I hate the buggers never say on, and I always get dirt in there! You did say you might be able to wash them to srink the a bit, but I dunno..looks like they would need alot of work and time. I myself don't like to look for minor projects like the gloves I'd like to save that engery for the bucket or jet pack. Never the less never say never. I am sure you figure something to make them work. I look forward to seeing the finished result if you decide to go with 'em.
I'll tell you what I used for mine. I got a plain pair of white canvas gloves. I used some RID black dye, and dyed them gray. Since you are doing ROTJ, they barely need any color in them. Next, I went to Wal-Mart or you could go to to any piece goods shop and picked up a remnant of white cloth to make the patches on the fingers and backs of the hands. I used a satin material turned inside out. The stitching on my gloves were sewn by hand and still look very authentic.

I would post some pics, but my gloves have seen better days. I have bought more canvas gloves, but I just haven't made myself do another pair.
Cheers guys, i might just drop em, they were only 99p afterall :) I'm gonna go with the parade glove idea instead, cheers for the ideas though :)


Did you get those from Wilkinsons ? they look like the gloves that I have seen in there before, with a bit of work theres no reason why they should not work (y)
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