Plexiglass working tips


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Hey, anyone here good with workign wth plexiglass, i seem to have major craking problems....does a glass cutter work on this stuff?
A jigsaw can vibrate and posibly crack plexi. A bandsaw cuts in a constant downward motion, that doesn't vibrate, or melt edges back together like a cut-off wheel does. :)
No problems with my 1/4" plexiglass cutting, make sure to use clamps to hold it in place on a work bench. What is very important is when cutting plexiglass make sure cutting line is as close as your working bench as possible, to prevent it from vibrating. Melting is one problem though with a jigsaw. Bandsaw is the best if you can find someone that has one!
I never tried a scroll saw, but since they usually have a finer blade, it should work ok. Melting might be an issue though.
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