PLEASE READ: Updating Thread Titles

Art Andrews

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Hi guys,

The RPF has benefited from many of the things we have done at TDH and we are now bringing some of our policies from the RPF here as well. Updating thread titles will be one of them.

Copied from announcement at the RPF:

There are many times a member creates a thread title that is very vague and those threads tend to get overlooked or don't get the attention they would get if the title were more clear. Yes, some of you look at every thread regardless of the title, but many scan through, and pick and choose based on the thread titles that appeal to their interests (or when the # of views or replies skyrocket). With this in mind we are going to begin a project of updating vague or obscure thread titles to better represent the threads content. In modifying the thread title we hope to draw more attention and more interaction to threads that might otherwise be missed.

Two recent examples:

Original thread title:

Updated thread title:
Star Trek Mugs

Original Thread title:
Marcus display bust

Updated thread title:
Underworld Evolution Marcus display bust

Because of the sheer number of threads that may be updated, we will NOT be emailing each OP when we update the thread title and are instead giving notice here.

We will make every effort to be unobtrusive as possible and to maintain the original meaning and intent of the thread title. Usually our updates will include a full name as opposed to a partial name or a title of the film to go along with an obscure name or prop.

If we update the title to your thread and you feel it significantly changes the meaning of the title, please do not change it back, but instead, contact a staff member to discuss your concerns.

*Due to the highly mobile nature of the [Cargo Hold] and because it directly involved sales, we will NOT update thread titles in the [Cargo Hold].