Permanently Banned Members

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This thread is a list of members who have been permanently banned from TDH. We never like to ban someone but sometimes their actions and conduct require us to remove them from this community. We sincerely hope that they find what they are looking for elsewhere.

The reason this list is maintained is to help maintain a level of transparency in regard to the actions of the administration. When the administration takes action without letting the membership know what is being done and why, it leaves a greater chance of there being incorrect assumptions.

Member Loserkid has been banned for an attack on two members of the Admin Staff.
BigaboyFett / WhiteCommando Banned

BigaboyFett and his sock-puppet alias, WhiteCommando, has been banned for violating the "Respect" section of the Code of Conduct and for creating a sock-puppet account.
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Phat-Fetts/Phat-Fett Banned

User "Phat-Fetts/Phat-Fett" has been banned for being a sock-puppet of banned user "Darth Nut."
User -BobaFett- Banned

User -BobaFett- has been banned for having four sock puppet accounts: Boba-Fett, Mr Boba Fett, Sir Boba Fett.
CloneFreakNumeroUno Banned

User "CloneFreakNumeroUno" has been banned for being a sockpuppet account of banned user "White Commando."
Nution Banned

User "Nution" is banned for recasting (Sidewinder's Webley) and for being a derivative account of banned user "Bloodsportstudios."
Banned Darren6795

Darren6795 is permanently banned for violating the respect clause of the code of conduct, specifically cursing at and being disrespectful to a moderator.
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