Parafetts finished helmet

para fett

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Hey Everybody,
I just finished the paint and padding of my helmet and I thought I would post some picks to see what TDH people think. It's a modified rubies, it's what fits my budget right now. I went pretty crazy with the damage and I need to get a better RF but I think it came together pretty well.





para fett

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Thanks for all the input guys. This is the helmet I'm using to try and get into the 501st as ESB boba fett and my concern is that the green on the helmet part (not the cheeks or the back) is too dark and my damage is not screen accurate. I respect you guys as b. fett efficianatos so your input is greatly appreciated.
Thanks Again


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Not to be a downer, but I can tell you now 501 will not let you in with that bucket.

It does look cool though!


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Delta75 is right... while your paint job looks really cool for a custom Mandalorian its not an ESB or any version of Boba. The colors are way off and the damage marks aren't anywhere near Boba's. Its a great version for custom but customs aren't allowed into the 501st... it needs to be an actual Star Wars character documented in movies, books, comics or video games.