Painting my Bucket


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Well I started painting yesterday. Coming along pretty well so far not completely accurate on the size and shapes of the scratches but its all free hand. Im using the paint list by AFFO$ i do not have an airbrush. Tell me what you guys think



well, heres another update i do not like the way the silver turned out on the mandibles so it will be redone using the topical method. im still looking for the reefer gray and prr maroon. Anyone know what color to use for the killstripes i cant find mech harvester yellow or the schoolbus yellow rattlecan. i need to know what other yellow i can use.

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I think it looks great and the colors are perfect to me... Of course I am completely colorblind .. :lol: :lol:

No really, I think you got a winner there.. :cheers
well i worked a little more on the helmet. i still need to get prr maroon and a good clear coat or dull cote. I need to weather it and add the killstripes. I also need to finish making the left ear and painting the back. finished the Right ear, tell me what you guys think.

well here it is. the ears are held on by that blue tacky poster stuff just for the pics.


for the "schoolbus yellow", you could try rustoleum's line striping yellow. it's a spray can that's upside down... the sprayer is at the bottom of the can and sprays straight down, not at a 90 degree angle. it's the closest to that sort of color i've found...

normal_jet pack2_-_4.jpg

using it is a bit odd, since it's inverted. you can pop the spray tip off of another can so that you at least get an upside down 90 degree angle.
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