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I painted my Sintra armor today and I think it looks ok but I think one place that I went wrong is the dents and chipped paint areas are too big. Most of the damage areas are there but they are too BIG. What else can I do to make my next try better? How's the color look?
Brutal honesty please.


p.s. Thanks WOL for the templates they're awesome!
I think the color is dead on, except that maybe the yellow color could be a little more vibrant, but not much. On account of the dents and scuffs being too large, next time just make them a little bit smaller, shouldn't be too difficult now that you have completed one set. Other than that looks pretty good to me! :)

Not bad! ;) I really don't think your dents are are physically that big, its just that your weathering, (ie your yellow & silver areas) is a bit large. You can make your dents appear much smaller simply by allowing less silver to show through next time. Take for example the ESB VS ROTJ armour. Alot of folks used to say that ESB only had one bullet dent on the left chest plate. We now are almost positive that the armour is the same between the 2. THe only reason you do't really recognize there as being the 2 bullet dents on esb, is simply because one of them is barely weathered. What are you using for masking your weathering?? I would recomend a repaint & perhaps using liquid mask so you get good control of your masking areas. At least I'd try that before scrapping it & making all new armour. Just my 2 cents;)
I did the same thing you did, I know now to draw on the damage before masking so it will look more screen accurate. Also invest in the Liquid Mask, it may be high but You will love to use it when you start taking off the mask for the battle damage, it looks so good and crisp.
It's a thousand times better than my first armor paint job. Done it 3 times now. What Jango's Kid said though.........Nice job Christo!
Nice job Christo... lookin' good. I like the green... looks dead on. Just make the silver parts smaller and you're there.
Thanks everyone for the kind words and the constructive criticism. I've learned so much here on this board it's amazing. Yet it seems no matter how prepared you think you are to do something by reading about it here, some lessons have to be learned by doing it wrong at least once. I'l be repainting the peices that I have except for the belly plate. The 3 holes on the belly plate are too high. I'm going to paint all of my armor together next time, once I have finished building it all (almost done, backplate is killing me).

I will be buying the masking fluid before I continue. I can see that it will make a big difference from the Vaseline that I used. :o
The backplate IS very hard to shape. Ever consider just getting that one piece? The chest armor looks great. I dont even know that I would paint it agian hnestly, I know How you feel though, even tohugh everyone has told me not to I have sanded all my green armored parts down and am starting the process of repainting with u.s. medium green.
Actually Chris, one thing I noticed... you don't have the light green scratches on the belly plate... the ones that are on the lower right-hand corner. Those add a lot to the look as well. Check out the hi-res pics of the MoM disply and you'll see what I'm talking about.
Those scraches arent one all the versions, just one, The AOSW does not have the light green scatches, so I guess its all about preference.

First two are from AOSW which is what I'm going by, Third is MoM, and the fourth is just for fun, first Time I have noticed it but his name is written on his cape.
Cal, do you realize what you've just done? Now everyone will be trying to find out the type of marker that was used on his cape so they can write "Boba Fett" on their cape. :lol: JK

Seriously though, do you have the images that you posted in a hi-res version? And if so, could you email them to me if I PM you my email address? I was looking at a version of the MoM display when I did mine but I discounted the light scratched area near his site. I assumed the scratches were made after filming. I guess the site looks like it was rubbing against it.
Thanks Bob. I can see details that I couldn't see before! I can now see that all of the yellow is done topically. Is the silver done topically too?
Was I sleeping under a rock when this went online? I don't remember seeing anything about this! :confused

I had pics from when Secol Fett used to host it... Cool to have it online like this though!
IS was a very short period, long ago that brak's posted, not many replies to it, maybe it just missed you. I didnt have it for my first paint, but I am following it best I can for my Repaint.
WOW! :eek: These pics are awesome!
Thanks cal for the link/password and thanks Brak's Buddy for putting this together!

Too bad this isn't in a sticky or something so that every new member can have this from the start. This is the best visual resource I've seen yet.
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