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I went to Lowes today, and didnt find exactly what I was looking for. I did come across other materials though. One was a more flexible fiberglass, that resembled plastic in a way, seems pretty sturdy, but a bit thin. I was wondering if maybe this would be a good route, and whether or not I should probly stack another piece of it on top of it to make it stronger.
I figure I can just bolt the 2 pieces together after the cuts are made.

(Who's arm itches and thinks he may have accidentally rubbed against the the insulation fiberglass)
The fiberglass that I saw in the store seemed pretty strong, I bang on it a few times, and seemed almost like PVC in a way, but was flexible. I thought that if I decided to use it, I might just stack another piece t make it stronger, and not as flexible as one piece would. I feel it can though. Either way, I will test it with my gun before I try to play in it.

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