Paint Question - Possibly DUMB paint question!



So I call up my local paint store and ask them to do some colour matching for me, and if they can put it in a spray can. They say they can . . . but can only do it to an oil based paint.

So, my dumb paint question is . . . am I okay using an oil based paint? For all I know, the spray paint I get at the store is oil based. I have no idea! :) I know I can use that stuff okay.

Am I going to run into any troubles doing my bucket or armor with oil based?

Am I just too stupid to be here? :)

I don't really know. When I think oil based I think of the tubes of paint that many canvas painters use, is that right folks?

It might be thick and tacky, I really don't know. Seems like enamel would be oil-based.

I'm curious myself. You might also want to find out how much a custom-mixed can of spray paint is ;)

They said they'll do it for $20 a can.

I'm just thinking, for paint idiots like me, this would be the way to go. I get to match the colour I want exactly, no more farting around trying to find the right shade, and it's already in a spray can . . so I don't have to find a good (expensive) airbrush and figure out how to use it.

Yes, I know this is shortsighted, cuz the airbrush would save me in the long run but . . . . after Fett, not sure what else I'd do! :) hehehe And I *STILL* don't know how to mix paints to get the shade I want . . this way a professional does it for me.

I just don't know if the oil based will be good for a project like this.
the only diff is cleanup oil based paints reguire thinner to clean up. an oil based paint should work perfectly .and frankly i think oil based paints hold better,last longer etc...
Naw, I see your point. I'm in the same boat. I want to paint my helmet with the right shade but can't really find it in a can. I don't want to drop a couple hundred bucks to get set up in an airbrush just so I can deal with trying to figure out how to use it.

I'd be very interested to find out how this goes for you. Let us know what you find out etc. It might be the way to go.

It kinda comes down to this; enamels are your oil based paints, acrylics are not. Both types of paints have their pros & cons. If your not airbrushing, then your basically
left with cans & the majority of them are enamel. Also, it depends on what type of material you are painting..vinyl or fiberglass. A stock DP or Rubies helmet is vinyl, and if it isn't properly set up & primed you might have trouble getting the silver enamel paint to cure. You won't have that problem with fiberglass. The problem with acrylics is there aren't as many good silvers as enamels. Hope some of this helps.
I just KNEW that some smart guy was going to ask that question! hahaha

Well, I've been going through the Ref CD (DCB's AOSW shots actually) and I found some pics that *I* thought looked like what I thought the colours should be. So . . going to get the colour laser at the office all calibrated up tomorrow and print off some samples. Assuming they look right to me, I'll use those.

Unless someone has some Pantone colour codes I can take in! :) hehe

Yeah, didn't think so! hehe


Well it is the most important question. Actually if you can get a reply, it's worth asking someone who has been to the exhibit to see you selected samples to see it is close to the actual color. That Q has been asked a couple times in the helmet section.
Well, I tried asking around a month or two ago . . didn't get much back but . . . if anyone's reading who has any suggestions . . . I'd love to hear them! :)

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