Out of Spruce Green paint...


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I've just checked about six stores in my area, and no one carries the Rustoleum Satin Spruce paint anymore. Does anyone remember exactly what store line still carries it? Would someone be willing to buy me a couple cans and mail them to Colorado?


Is there an acrylic airbrush color that's been decided on as a match for the ROTJ color scheme?


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Dude...I wish I can help but I can send a few cans of Blue & Silver! :lol:
Really...If you have a part# or a sku# I can check my warehouse to see if that is a stocking item. If I don't...I hope others here can use those #'s to check in thier area.



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After searching local hardware stores and sifting through my spraypaint inventory (43 cans), I'm still at a loss as to what color of paint to use for the armor. And time's a-wastin'...

Rustoleum Spruce Green paint is obsolete, I think. Is there an alternative, maybe a Testor's acrylic?

Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?


Do you still need the SPRUCE GREEN spray can? If I'm not mistaken I have already sent you a PM. but you never answered back. PM me if you still need them..