Opinions please.


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Before I start putting paint on this thing I'd like to ask my fellow TDH members for opinions on the overall appearance/dimensions on this scratch built. This is the one I made from WOF's temps. Please spare no expense in your critisism. I put some contrasting paint here and there to help with the lines etc.
Thank you for your time


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Man. That is really sweet! Looks great to me.

The only think that looks a little off, but I'm no expert, is the upper sloped cheek area. It looks like there is a seem there where two pieces came together. Is that area supposed to have an angular appearance, or should it be smoothed out?
First of all, kudos on the excellent work. Second, the only thing I see that looks a little off is in the rear view, it looks a little wide and squat. That's just my opinion though.

Tyler Durden

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That is definitely an amazing scratch-build.

The two things that jump out at me is the thickness of the mandibles, especially near the bottom, and the angle of the flair looks a bit exaggerated.


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Your work is amazing. It always is. This helmet, however, is probably your best yet. After you put some paint on it, I'm sure it will look even more incredible. You never cease to amaze me. Good work.


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That is a great piece of work, you should be very proud.

One minor point, from the side view, the dome looks a little low towards the back of the helmet... even though, this lid will look awesome once painted.

Thanks for sharing this with us.



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Looks great so far - I'm still a few steps behind you! Can't even tell that batting helmet was quartered! Look forward to monitoring your progress.



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Thank all of you for the input thus far.
I have fixed the creases in the upper cheeks, and am going to thin out the bottom of the mandibles tomorrow.
The dome........well, unfortunately, it is what it is I guess. Thats really hard to duplicate and I'll deal with what I have. I'm racking my brain about how to decrease the flair without damaging the structural integrity of the cheeks. They may have to be redone. We shall see. I think I'll also relocate the dent a little more south.;)

Once again, thank you all for your comments. Good or bad they are most welcome and greatly appreciated. If any body sees any thing else please feel free to chime in.



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Josh, I was going to say something about the mandibles as well but you've got that covered already.

Simply WOW man! :cheers


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Not to be a pain, but I think I have a good thing going here with this thread. I value the opinions of you all very much and I'm going to keep posting updates as I go. I want to make this my last bucket (this is my third attempt at it) so I can move along to other things.
I started the paint work yesterday and the rear quarters are pretty much done. I realize my camera throws certain colors off but overall I'm happy with the results thus far. I know there are some seriously talented painters on this board ( some of your threads are like the law to me ) and I would appreciate the critisism.


Thanks Bob, maybe I'll have this ready for the 10th........still not sure If I can make it though.



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Kripps said:
I know there are some seriously talented painters on this board ( some of your threads are like the law to me ) and I would appreciate the critisism.

Well from the looks of things you are one of them. The back looks great. If the rest of the bucket follows suit you will have a damn fine looking helmet in the end.:cheers


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Well, after reading AFFO$'s thread here http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/showthread.php?t=11503
I had to sand down the back of this puppy and start over.
Needless to say it was worth it IMHO.
If you haven't checked this thread out definately do so.
I didn't use templates or anything (not that good with the computer) and I changed the colors a tiny bit..........sorry about the wash out with the flash.