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How come no one has a dent in their Jango helmet???

there is obvioulsy a huge dent on the left side ( i think ) and I notice no one has a helmet with a dent in it.

I am wondering;

A: Why no one uses one? It is in the movies and I know some of you thrive to be accurate.

B: If someone makes a dented Jango helmet, why has no one bought it???

anyways yeah, if someone (or a lot more people) could answer those questions, I would be satisfied.
Um, Jango not supposed to have a Dent in his helmet, Boba got that about 5 months b4 E3. I do wonder why the toys had a dent though, cause I never saw a dent in his helmet. This is a production Photo they took of Jango and Boba for E2, these are the actual costumes! Notice the helmet DOES NOT have a dent:

I thought somebody did make a helmet with a dent high on the left side. I always thought it was supposed to be from the door of Slave 1. I may be mistaken of course.
There should be a dent. It did come from the Slave1 door when he was entering it as he was leaving Kamino with Boba. You can clearly see him duck instantly and hear the sharp "ping" as he walks in.

That was a prestock photo when they were showing off the costumes. Notice that that uses the jet pack used on Kamino, which was destroyed when fighting Obi-Wan.

EDIT: I just watched a music video using scenes from the movie. It clearly shows him having a dent there. Look at the spot when the battle in the arena with the Jedi has started, and when Jango is blasting the green skinned Jedi that got up to the Balcany.
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I thought he got it from fighting Obi-Wan when he went head first into the curb at Kamino. Anyways, you can clearly see it in the arena battle when he's defending Tyranus. Also, I'm almost positive BKBT had a Jango bucket with the dent. Limited numbers though. I know I would definitly get one if he offered them again though.
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below is a good shot of the dent on his left side

He actually gets the dent when he gets trampled by the big dino looking thing. He doesn't have it when he is on the balcony with Mace but does after he gets run over.

BKBT did make a dented helmet, he made only a few (under 10 I think). And people did buy them as I have one sitting on display at my house. (#2 of the run btw). I think since most people are familar with jango sans dent that is why no one has one of the dented helmets but since I was originally planning on doing an arena jango I got the dented helmet. (since I have scrapped the jango costume idea and just keep the helmet for display)
He actually gets the dent when he gets trampled by the big dino looking thing. He doesn't have it when he is on the balcony with Mace but does after he gets run over.

Well, since the dent is there before the Arena too, that's quite unlikely :) He does even have the dent before going into a melee fight with Obi-Wan (not while loading the ship, but in his Superman-flight).

But anyhow. I doubt there will ever be any real conclusion on how he got this dent, as it constantly switches between being there and not being there. Perhaps the CGI-people liked the dent and the makers of the physical prop didn't?
I'm thinking maybe every time you see the dent on kamino, you're also seeing the CG Jango. There are other points during the fight where he has no dent, but it's also pretty clear it's Morrison in the costume (like the "Boba, get on board" part).

I thought he was supposed to get the dent when the door knocks on his head, but I guess the animators were just being lazy or there was some lack of communication at some point.

Just my idea....
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