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I have alot of in progress pictures of the fiberglass packs. I can e-mail you some if needed.
I made a wooden frame for inside the pack and used Goop for adhesive plus drywall screws(recessed) to hold the backplate on. Then I used Bondo to cover the screws and make it all smooth.
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So would two-part Epoxy work well in glueing styrene pieces together? Does superglue work well with styrene?
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The best stuff I have found for styrene is Weld On #16 clear, thickened cement for acrylic sheet, made by IPS Corporation. It chemically bonds the pieces together, meaning it will actually fuse the plastic. You have to careful using it on very thin styrene as it can soften the plastic too much & cause sink holes. If this happens, these can easily be filled will filler putty once the glue has cured.
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I just got my 'pack from GA. Pretty awesome!!

However, I have no idea what kind of glue to use - epoxy, perhaps?

Also, does anyone have a pic of the side of the jet pack? Underneath? Directly overhead? I've got to trim a lot of excess fiberglass from the main body, and I want to make sure I don't cut too much, so I need to see how it looks from these various angles.

Thanks, Fetts!!

I have the same pack and I have been using some stuff called "GOOP" works pretty good for me so far.

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Epoxy question

I am ready to start sealing the cracks and spaces on my JP. I see lots of different epoxies on the store shelves. Can i get a specific name, brand and all of what to use?

You could use an epoxy,But if your just filling cracks I would
use A automobile car bondo.It smooths down when wet.It is easy
to sand when dried.I used A bond from A model shop but I was
paying way to much.After reading about bondo on TDH I tried
it and it works wonderfull.It is pretty much the same product
except you can get A large can at wal-mart for about $15.00
This can will do several costumes.
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Bondo is good for filling cracks. If you need to bond 2 parts together, head to Walmart and look in the paint supply section (where the masking tape is).

Find the Super Glue and other glues, and you SHOULD see a "dual tube" of plastic epoxy (the brand name eludes me right now). It has the resin in one tube, and the hardener in the other. It's in a syringe-type aplicator. When you squeeze the end, it dispenses roughly equal amounts of both. You mix it on something non-porous that you don't mind throwing away (old pice of Sintra or something) for about 30 seconds, then apply it. It heats up due to the chemical reaction, but it sets in just a few minutes, and from my experiences with it, it ends up being STRONGER than the plastic you're gluing together! :D

They also sell METAL epoxy by the same company, and the packages and dispensers look VERY much alike. Make sure you get the PLASTIC epoxy! ;)
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Will that 2-part Epoxy that generates heat mess up thin styrene?

What is Epoxy Putty all about? And where can I get some?
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The epoxy heat is usually kind of warm but not hot really. Bondo gets just as hot as epoxy if not hotter. Bondo or body filler is a two part mixture just that you only use a small amount of hardener to filler ratio. Bondo should only be used to fill seams not join things together. And which ever medium you are using, bondo or epoxy, make sure you scuff up the surfaces with sandpaper and wipe them clean with rubbing alcohol beforehand. You need to give it some texture to bite into. -Mark
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I used thick super glue mixed with some baking powder. It works real well as a bonding agend and gives some strength to the gap area. Start out by putting a little glue on each side of the gap. Sprinkle a little baking powder into the gap and then blow the excess away. Keep doing this until the gap is filled. I usually will go over it again with a light coat at the end and then sand it smooth. It worked great for my pack. Good luck.
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I was planning on glueing the halves together and using the metal "L" brackets for added support and then using the epoxy putty to fill the gaps and add extra strenght.

Does this sound like enough???
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I am using BONDO, you can get it at walmart. You apply it then sand it then prime and paint it works and looks great. Hope this helps.

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No, as long as you don't lay it on too thick. Just smooth it out with the spatula/scraper thing before it hardens. An electric sander is a good idea, but you can do it by hand.
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Try "Squadron Putty", made by Squadron Tools, available in green or white, at most hobby stores in a tube for about $2.99. It fills gaps with ease, smooths with your finger, and dries in 30 minutes. What else could you ask for? ;)
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im using the green squadron putty also.its extremely easy to sand when it is dry out for those vapors though.this stuff stinks...LOL
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I was using some last night in a room with ALL the windows up AND a fan on "high", and after about 25 minutes of using the stuff I didn't know where I was! About 2 hours later, my wife brought up a conversation that she had had with me while I was using it, but I had *NO* recollection of ANY of it!!! :eek:

It DOES have Toluene in it... Probably gave me dain bramage... :wacko
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yeah thats some potent stuff.i started using a dust mask when i use it now,and when i seems to help.i have astma so im trying to be more carefull in my old age..LOL

i wonder if i have some lung damage from all the paint and glue vapors over the past 20 years....YIKES!!!
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JEDI BOB . The metal brackets are o.k indeed . Now I know of
an excellent product called ''SEAL ALL'' it works great with
sintra .It can fill ,mend or shape when its dried. PM me if
you need to know any more info.
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