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Fett in Exile

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I am trying to find the flared nuts for the back of the right gauntlet (where the hoses attach) and the front of the flamethrower. I know people have been talking about the flare nuts, but all I can find are the brass ones and the flare is straight-edged, not curved like the original.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or have any photos of the proper piece to use?


Skalen Fehl

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You can also try your local contractor's supply store. The same type of hardware is used for connecting pneumatic hoses, if I understand you correctly. Good luck.


Hey there,
Not sure if this is a ghost post at this point, but I did want to share my hose progress. I dyed them in a bucket with RIT navy blue. They are very dark, almost black, but I think it turned out well.

hoses 1.JPG

hoses 2.JPG


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Looks great! These threads were supposed to be stickied, however when they changed forums over/upgraded, they kinda floated away. They are all very helpful, the "Official" threads. Should we sticky them again? Or was there some executive decision I missed where we were going to let them float off? Just an idea!



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If we stick the "Official Threads" then the whole first page of a section could be just "Official Threads" If you use the search button and have it search titles for the works "Official Thread" you will find them.
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