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What would you all say the gauntlets should be painted?? Silver with weathering or Chrome with weathering....I am thinking the silver personally or maybe someone else has found an aluminum colored paint thats better please let me know
mine is automotive silver with weathering and im happy with how it's come out.

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I think that chrome is good. Since you can never achieve a true chrome look anyway, it will give you a matted metallic look. I personally think that silver paint looks a bit too much like plain gray.
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My armor was painted chrome with black acrylic weathering.

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/cele11.jpg>
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Hows everybody doing?My question is in regards to the little
square indents on the underside of the guantlets.From all of
the pics I have collected,It appears that the right guantlet
has 4 squares while the left guantlet only has 3.I don't know
for sure if this is correct,But hell I couldn't think of A better place to find out.If anyone has info on this,I am sure
it would be very helpfull to A lot of people.
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You are correct!
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Hey all this is my first post of my WIP please let me know what you think It hasnt been weathered yet...be honest

These are pics of my left gauntlet completed before weathering, and before the new momentary buttons...




Thanks to Fettpride for the tutorial on the LED's...Top is a 5mm orange led and the bottom is a 10mm red LED



This is my whip cord thrower for the right gauntlet which is assembled but still needs paint..will post pics after paint

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OK well here is an update to my costume WIP....Dont get too critical of me because there is still much work to be done. The right gaunt still needs the last coat of paint and the switches in the rt side, I have some of the hoses painted, done and attached but not all, and i ran out of HD Velcro so the rt gaunt is clipped shut...jeeze...flightsuit has not been worked on at all, still needs the sleeves done right, needs to be lighted and have the purple tint added. And the obvious I dont have armor yet and I am wearing a DP97 boba on my melon...:-( Now for the pix...! (Desc are below the picture)




This is 3 shots of my right gaunt from different angles, as you can see the hose connects still need paint and there are no switches yet in the holes....


Here's me with it all on as of yet with both gauntlets and my one completed blaster



Here's 2 upper body shots with my outfit per Guri's request


Thats me!!!



Here are 2 shots of the one completed blaster i have other one is almost done now...
Keep in mind that my digital camera is pretty crappy...
Well let me know what you think even the bad...thanks
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Official Thread - Gauntlets and Hoses

Well, it's a start for pics anyway:





I do have high-res versions as well...links will be up soon.
well the right hand gauntlet seems to be nearly the same as the boba one with different hose connections. The left one is a lot different though,
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Also on the left gauntlet there is a red led bezel like the ones used on lightsabers
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I was at a store today and flipped through the E2 VD a bit and noticed a pic I haven't seen around here anywhere. It was on the 2nd or 3rd page in the bottom left corner. It was of Jango's right gauntlet and it showed the tubing and how it all came together into one clip and I was wondering if anyone could scan this or something cause I think it would be really helpful to some people. Thanks.
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Something inside the short sleeve.

I wonder if that connector thing is a found item...
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it looks like the package duracell batteries come in, that hang from mounts at walmart, and each hose goes in a slot. cause it has the triangular hole for hangin on it it seems.
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I remember in the post from someone (cant remember name) who put the Jango costume together, that the hoses "clicked" in place, so it may just be the end of a clip such as the kind on Anakin's belt, a backpack clip.
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It was whojedi who assembled/disassembled the Jango suit at Celebration II. Here is what he said about the gauntlet hose connection:

"...the tubing that come out of the gauntlets connects under the second sleeve with connector pieces. I don't know how to describe them exactly, they look like what are on backpacks or something like that. They just snap together and lock into place."
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That's what I thought. Now, how the heck to connect 3 tubes to one of those clips...
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Maybe the hoses are glued to one of those clips that are used on luggage. Those seem to be wider and stronger than backpack clips. Isn't that then some how tethered to the Jet Pack?
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As much as these guys like to use tape, it looks to me like the half of a clip (the part with the notches that the prong side clips into...ya know what I mean) with the 3 tubes, wires, cables....just taped to it with electrical tape, or a big piece of the heat shrink tubing. Just a guess.
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