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I figured out a brilliant way to do this in half the time and half the energy.

I bought some braided nylon anchor rope at Wal-Mart, fastened it to a bigger belt and spray painted it. Nylon with spray paint gives off the same type of reflection as leather.

You don't have to braid anything, the nylon is already braided, it only costs like 8 bucks for 100 feet, and spray paint only costs like 80 cents a can.

It's close enough for hand grenades.

I need to put another coat of spray paint on it, then I'm going to put some shoe/leather polish, too. The "bigger belt" I fasted the rope to was actually a piece of cloth folded over a few times.


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Yep, I did almost the exact same thing!
I found brown nylon rope at a craft store.
To give it that weathered/worn leather look,
I simply applied some lighter reddish-brown
acrylic paint with a brush.

Everyone that sees it in person asks if the
belt is braided leather. It's not until they
touch it and examine it up close that they
realize it's just rope.

Great minds think alike, huh? (y)




Hi. i am a newbie here to this forum and I have to say everyone here is so creative! I bet there's alot of artists and designers. I have half of a Jango going...and he's been put on hold. I hate to ask this there anyone still making this belt? I printed out the 4 cord braid and for some reason I cannot get it tight enough to look as good as the ones here! Am I doing it wrong? Is there is someone willing to talk to me? I know this thing will take hours the braiding can be rough! Thanks for putting up with a newbie!




Is anybody have purchased a lace cutter to "" ?
Is it a reliable seller ? Because I've sent an email for information two weeks ago and I have no answer :S

Thank you.


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I am a newbie. I have stumbled across a dog leash (for a pup) that resembles close to a 4 strand braid. It is about a yard long and can be cut to fit one's waist size. Its however 5/16" in diameter but when 18~19 pieces are put together it adds up to about 5"+ which is the targetted width for the belt band isn't it?
Will this work?