*Official* TDH members in the 501st Legion


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I need help getting mine updated! I have been tring for over a month and no one in my garrison is helping me out. I am BH-1869. Can someone get them updated for me?




Jango Wes

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Have you tried emailing our web liasion directly? That usually works better than trashing the garrison on the open forum. Just a suggestion.


Skalen Fehl

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Whatever became of this project? I'm also curious who are active members of the 501st? I'm active in my garrison and also on the Legion Forums. If you've been out of touch but want to check it out register at: http://www.501stforums.com/forum/profile.php?mode=register

If your email address is different than the one you used to join the legion with, you'll need to contact your Garrison Member Liaison to update it. Elections are going on right now for a New LCO and the poll will be closed on Feb. 14th.

Also, if you are registered on the forums, what is your username there? I just found a couple people there that I recognize from TDH, but I'm sure there are more. I also go by Skalen Fehl there.

boba fetts

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I'm an offical 501st member, BH-1941... just not in the way most people are :p I don't rally have a photo, but I'm the 501'st official photographer.

Tim Allen

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MegalomaniacalMandalore said:
Ok, ok....my pics aren't up yet. But it's only been a year or so, so they've got time. ;) :)
LOL where have u been MMM? did u fall off the face of the earth or what?
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I was in the 501st as a TK & BH. I had been deployed overseas in the Navy, so I'm just getting back to these boards.
I want to sell my Fett, but I have to post a few times to be able to post in the Cargo Hold.

I used to be on here and bought most of Fett from reputable sellers and thru bobamaker.

I have almost everything to sell, save maybe the jumpsuit and neck collar.

My helmet is a professionally painted "mystery helmet."

If any of you dudes are interested, email me and I can send some pics.