*Official* TDH members in the 501st Legion

secol FETT

Well-Known Hunter
EDIT ... finally i finished this .::TDH Members DB ready to use::.

If you aren't part of the 501st Legion, and still want to post your pictures, go for it but don't just make up a BH number. The background template belongs to the 501st Legion.

secol_FETT BH2212 - <font color="white">Ch<font color="blue">il<font color="red">ean Outpost

<img src=http://www.501st.com/memberdata/22/12/bh2212_full.jpg><img src=http://www.501st.com/memberdata/22/12/bh2212_head.jpg>
hmm i need to change both pics :)
Here are my bio pics. Both need to be updated as I've changed a TON of the suit since these pics were taken. If anyone needs help getting their pics updated on the 501st site TALK TO ME! If I can't do it for you, I can send them to your Garrison Web Liaison.

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<img src=><img src=>

Jason Zarecki BH-7603
Southern California Garrison
Honorary Member Empire City Garrison
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Membership Liaison
Mountain Garrison, Fighting 501st
"We Rock the Rockies!"


Of course, like Bob, there have been so many upgrades to my costume now, most noticeably the new Mystery Helmet (pictured is my DP '95). New vest, new armor, new jumpsuit, new gloves, new girth, new gauntlets, yada yada yada...

And I gotta get rid of the do-rag! :)
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GATER-BH-1527-Central California Garisson

Ditto on the upgrades.;)
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Hey whats up all, here is my bounty hunter info...
Garrison Titan-Seattle Chapter

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Lynn TXP 0369
BH 1011 Carida garrison

This suit dosn't even exist anymore do the upgrades.......
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BH 0542 (Around long enough to used to be a 'TXP' before they switched it to 'BH' :lol:)
-501st Krayt Clan Officer


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Well, if the Carolina Garrison had the site running up to date, I'd have pics. But we were down for awhile, and I'm only up there for my Clonetrooper. Even though I have an older Sandtrooper as well.

Not Fett, but here goes:

TD/TC/BH 2172 Reporting.:D

Carolina Site:

501st main site:

If my fat forehead looks funny, it's because I'm BLEEDING!:lol:
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I don't have my image ready on the 501st yet, but I have my BH number: BH 060. Updating really soon with a better image.


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Sorry, no Fett gear yet but my Sandy's done. :D

Tim 07.JPG

501st Masked.JPG

Timothy Lucas Tan.jpg

Gotta find someone to take a proper photo...

TK/TD 6325 at your service.
Western Garrison, Singapore & Pacific Outpost

Stay safe.

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I just LOVE this new bio pic I made for my New England Garrison bio page. It looks like I really belong in that location!

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