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If anyone has a Jet Pack Missile, JUST the missle, please PM me.
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now there is something I was going to look into but maybe someone can save me some time. Is the ROTJ boba and the AOTC jango "missle" style pack the same? Are they close enough to be interchanged from a Boba costume to a Jango one? As far as shape and color... If not what are the major differences?

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im gonna put some weathering, but not alot on mine, so i can use for my jango and coming soon boba.
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The ROTJ jet pack has quite a bit more weathering to it. Some of the decals are different too. I think you'd be safe using the same one with either costume. The majority of the public would never notice.
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Should I make my jet pack missle be interchangable into the stubby one also? I have not put my jet pack together yet? What do you guys think?
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I think they probably look too different if you are going for accuracy. If you are on a tight budget and are not too picky on accuracy, then go for it! The rocket thrustors are in a different spot and the cones on the side tank are different as well as what you have already mentioned about missle being different. Oh yea, and the colors!
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Great idea and would be easier if they were the same colors. But I agree, I think over all they are different enough it might make it tough. But if you do it, be sure to tell us how!
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how off are the ROTJ packs and jango in color? What are the major differences? Maybe I can use one of those panty hose tops to go on the top of my jet pack! HEE HEE!
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Now those packs do seem to be interchangeable. The different colors I was referring too was the two types of packs that Jango has. His first pack seen in the movie to my knowledge is the same color as Boba's ROTJ pack. That would be the way to go if you want an interchangeable pack between Jango and Boba. Maybe I misunderstood your first question and thought you wanted both of Jango's packs to be interchangeable. Good luck!
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Jetpack missile opinion poll--Plastic or Resin?

Hello everyone! I'm in the process of designing the missile for Boba and Jango jet packs. I have a resin MB missile, but I'm going for more accurate dimensions. I would like to make a vacuformed missile to help cut down on the weight of my JP. I've read several posts from the other jet pack threads where people stated that their missiles got snagged on stuff. How badly were they damaged? Here's what I'm thinking of doing--running a metal rod the length of the jet pack from the top of the missile to the vent on the bottom of the pack. The outside of the missile would be 1/8" styrene vacuformed to the correct shapes. The three fins will be seperate pieces. I was also going to fill in the missile with expanding foam to give the styrene more rigidity. Do y'all think that would be strong enough? Thanks!
That sounds like what I did for my scratch pack. It has stood up through 4 outings over the last year with no mishaps yet. ;) The only solid pieces are the tip, and lower inverted cone. Both are resin. The rest are an auto funnel, gopher poison cone, and pvc. I lined the inside of all the pieces with layers of Bondo for strength.


Through everything I have a threaded steel rod. It's bolted though 2 brackets on the inside of the center PVC tank. It's strong, and lighter than an all resin rocket!
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I know people like the resin because they say it's more sturdy...but resin is pretty brittle. It'll break right in half if you drop it. If both will break anyway, I'd take the plastic one that's lighter in weight. Course, mine's made of paper mache and it's never broken...
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The details are different if you are talking about the Arena and the ROTJ version.. besides the color... But, a few others on here have created their own style pack.. I read about one that created a steadycam mod that would allow him to use an over the shoulder gun mounted to the pack... Just remember that there were more mandalores in the books.. Even though Lucas doesn't seem to show much about it in the movies..
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I'm in the process of finding the right parts for my Boba jet pack missile. Everything I have the the rest of the pack has been done by hand cutting out strips of sintra and glueing them together so I'm not exactly accurate to the cannon.

Anyway, I'm going to be riveting a PVC pipe into the top where the missile comes out and then building the missile so it is removable for easier storage (or I can go with the battle/ spent rocket look I guess) I've had these delusions of grandure and wondering if it's possible to build this removable system in such a was as to put one of the solid model rocket engines in and actually fire the missile without buring the pack or myself. I know...sounds silly huh and is probabnly something that will neer happen...just thought it would be cool.

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I need some advice on how to make the missle on my jet pack from found objects, or where I can get a resin one. Thanks -Derek
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I am making my jet pack pretty damned accurate, and completely from scratch. For the missile, I could not find any parts that were close enough to the shapes needed. It is pretty easy to make your own custom cones. Roll up some plastic overhead projector paper into the exact cone angle you want, coat the inside with bondo, fiberglass resin, latex or whatever will dry to hold the shape. Cut the ends off to the desired diameter and that's it custom cones.
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I'm using all found objects for my missile. I'm sure there are a lot of board members like myself who just keep everything they find. mustard bottles. lids, containers etc.
I printed out my jet pack to size and then measured everything.
So when I went out looking I knew if something was too big or too small. Garage sales and second hand stores are sweet. Bottom line. be prepared and look everywhere.
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In some pics it seems to be dirty white, and in some it seems to be dirty silver/metal.

JP is next on my hit list of things to do, so I was wondering what the consensus of opinion was before getting too far into it and realising I had it all wrong!


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To me, and I'm not an expert, it looks like the upper part is Silver and the lower section is white under coat.
I was looking at the pic Boba Fett 175.jpg from the CD Ref.
I could be wrong but that's how it looks to me.
I'm sure someone will let us know ;)
Robert E.
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