*Official*how much has your costume cost you besides time...


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Helmet $220.00
Neck seal $45.00
Jumpsuit $150.00
Vest $58.00
3 braids Trade Posters
2 side pouch N/A
spats N/A
Girth belt $45.00
Ammo Pouch $80.00
Ammo belt N/A
Boots $123.25
Shin tools $41.00
Shoulder armor $41.00
Chest armor $102.00
Ab armor Same as above
Knees pads with darts $75.00
Gaulents with hoses $100.00
Cape N/A
Toe spikes Free
Jet pack $340.00
Harness for jet pack N/A
Cod and butt plates $125.00
Back plate $10.00
Gloves N/A
Chest lights $81.05
Voice amp $70.00
Rifle N/A
R/F $20.00
Paint for Helmet FREE!!!!!
Stalk $25.00
Visor $14.50
Helmet board $12.00
Key Pad $9.00
Dental Expanders $8.00
JP Stickers free

MIS $150.00

Thats just some of it, this is number 2 suit and the first was never finished. but I sold a lot of the old stuff!

Great idea is to keep every thing you have on Excel. I have everything I have ever bought, from who, how much I sold it for and how much it cost me on there. I have a great records for Boba!:)


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Well Ive gone just over $2000 now I think. Thats over the course of 4 years now though. i've gone through 2 buckets, 2 jumpsuits, 3 pairs of gauntlets, 2 pairs of boots, 3 ammo belts, and 2 girth belts. I still have the same RA armor that I bought back in 2001 though :D That's next on the upgrade list, then its a new JP :D

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Ok...my total is about $2000. That's including one set of sintra non-movie painted armor and fiberglass helmet and one set of movie accurate fiberglass armor and MS2 helmet(both on order but not received yet) and most soft parts from skygunbros, boots from CA, gauntlets and ammo belt from Ruffkin, and blaster from the cargo hold. Not to mention all the little trips to hardware & hobby shops. I could have shaved a about $300 off my total had I known about this forum before I ordered the sintra armor and my first fiber helmet(I dont like either, that's why they'er non-movie painted). Oh... and this does include a jet pack from the cargo hold as well. :)


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I just did an Excel spreadsheet (yes, I am an engineer geek in addition to being a Star Wars geek) and I was shocked to learn that I have spent over $560 so far on this obsession...er, hobby...of Fett costuming. And I don't even have any of the major parts yet, like oh, armor, a helmet, a jumpsuit...

Folks, if you are reading this and contempating starting a Fett costume--beware! It is as expensive as it is addicting! I think most folks will agree that the Fett costume is possibly THE most expensive Star Wars costume to replicate, and the cost goes up exponentially the more accuracy you desire.


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I'm making a fanfilm so that puts the cost up considerably! But my personal custom set including a Bobamaker Helmet (with gubbins), Bobamaker flightsuit, boots, custom blaster rifle, armour, cape, belt with pouches, gauntlets and gloves, has cost around £500. I'm waiting patiently for Bobamaker to finish his Jet Packs and then...

Of course, his armour looks soooooo much better then my current set... I see a future career as a walking (custom Mando) Bobamaker advert!


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Soft parts-

Ammo Belt-80
Boots+Toe Spike-170


Jet Pack-310


Scuba Buckle-25
Chest Display-75
Shin Tools-60
Wookie Braids-10


Helmet Raw form-160


Blaster Stock 110

Bulk Material/Paint Etc.-200

Final cost = 1993
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Well, now as I finished my Jango 1.0 I've spent about 600€ (about 800$) within the last 6 months including everything from the sandpaper, over paint till the parts.
Even including the unfinished jet pack (which almost will be the cheapest part of the costume with about 25€ from which 15€ is only the paint).

But compared to others, I feel lucky to got away so cheap. :)

Of course upgrades are already their, waiting behind the horizon like a braided leather belt (100€) and an accurate helmet kit (200-300€).


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desert trooper (including backpack and blasters, etc.)...................$900

My first clone trooper...............................................................$600

My second clone trooper...........................................................$1500

My Boba (wich is no where near being done...)................................$600


About 900, and that's a lot for a 15 year old! I found money in places I would have never looked before : X

Would be less, but I made some really stupid mistakes before I knew about TDH, I.E. trying to explain to a professional carpenter how to make a jet pack, from my own crappy plans. It came out looking like a sort of lunch box with a nerf football on it, and about 20 pounds of solid oak.

But the end result (Of my post TDH costume) was SO worth it, best time I ever had at the movies for sure, except sitting through all of ROTS with my JP on ( not the wood one, went for a kit : )) But before and after was very fun!
yeah mines almost done and its cost me under 100 maybe thats just cus i freakin made every thing myslef or maybe cus its a custom mando

the world may never know

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About $2500 total...that includes 3 buckets(one dp97, one mystery, one MS2), 2 sets of armor(1 sintra, one fiberglass), and full set of the rest including ROTJ E-11 and Jet Pack.