*Official*how much has your costume cost you besides time...

My Jango has so far cost me about $300, and I still need gauntlets, a jet pack and ammo belt. I bought the armor, vest and helmet, but I hadmade the flightsuit and prolly will make the jet pack myself as well.
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about 1200 or more so far, still need to make a jet pack yet.
At least its not like my trooper costume which is at 2300 or so
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About $11

Got the Sintra for free
Bought some paint.

Next phase is the jumpsuit and vest

Then the Helm, Jet Pack and Gauntlets
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I am at $525. I have all of the stuff for my Jango Costume. I am making the armor and Jet Pack. All of the other stuff I have bought. LAter.

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Do I have to add it up???

But I`m building my own custom blaster...Does that count?

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Approximately $1750. Someday I'll get a helmet upgrade making me cross the 2 grand mark.....
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Well i got my helmet for free, my mom bought some of the paint, i bought some of the paint, my blasters were 16 for the pair, and that adds up to about $24 or so...
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I was at the $1400+ mark, until this week. I just spent another $450 on upgrades. And once I add Natty's helmet..... let's just say over two grand when I'm finished, but I will be selling some of my old pieces to recoup a little bit of that.
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well as I am, with stuff for two suits, I'm around $1500, but honestly I don't know how much will be out of pocket until the first one is sold in late august...

then we'll see where we're at :)

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Well, I don't know how much my suit cost me, I scratch built everything (except the blaster....that is a converted Webely.....He He He!) When I mean everything I mean the helmet, all the armor, jet pack, boots, jumpsuit, belts, ( I used Shacks lights though and I had the missle machined) so I know I have spent a pretty penny on some things...but over 6 years of spending here and there you loose track.
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Hmmm...good question.

Let's see:

Helmet (total w/upgrades): about $110
Jumpsuit: $20
Vest: $8 (cheapo turtleneck with sleeves cut off)
Armor: All Sintra, formed by me...with the paint...$40
Ammo Belt: Scratch built...about $10.
Blaster: Scratch built...$15 or so.
Boots: STILL HAVEN'T GOT HERE!! But..$62.
Gauntlets: Paid for but MB is still making them...$53.
Scalps: $10.
LEDs: $10 or so.

All told...that's about $340.
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Im just curious, anyone know how much it cost ILm to make the Boba and Jango costumes? It would be interesting to compare.
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I've OFTEN wondered how much the original costumes cost to make, and by comparison, if anyone on this board has a suit that costs as much (if not more) than one of the originals.

So far I have:

* Armor: 3mm Sintra, approximately $15
* Gloves: $14 (made from Dunlop golf gloves - you can search for "Dunlop golf" to see a picture of them).
* Cape: $3 (1 yard of fabric, sewn myself)
* Utility belt: $5.99 (1 yard of vinyl, sewn myself) for the pouches, $3 for Velcro to hold them closed, and $9 for a 2" wide brown leather belt to put them on.
* ROTJ Blaster: $165 for kit + another ~$40 in supplies to finish it with.
* Helmet: fiberglass helmet on order from Natty! :D
* Boots: $120 for Cheng boots
* jumpsuit: Not yet... probably make one myself...
* vest: I might get one from Richie
* jet pack: See "vest" comments above ;)
* miscellaneous items needed for building costume (paint, epoxy, putty, Sculpey, etc.): ~$80 (they add up and it's hard to keep a running total...)

I imagine this will probably end up costing a LOT more than I had anticipated in the beginning, but in the beginning I was planning on getting a "helmet", making some armor, and throwing a suit together. NOW I have to make one that's "PERFECT", thanks to YOU GUYS!!! ;)
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My Boba cost me around $2000 so far (I'm always updating) and I've started my Jango, but I'm only $400 into it, but I think I can finish it for $300 more (that's with out building a new stubby jet pack)
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