Odd decal - what is it / where does it go?


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Hi guys.
I picked up a set of Helmet decals off ebay a while back and am no puttin them on my bucket.
BUT I have one that I dont' recognise - where does it go?

I have the kill markings, and the earcap markings, but this one I don't recall.

It's two small black triangles and 9 short black lines.
I would take a pick and post that up, but my cam's outta batteries.

Answers on a postcard ... or in this forum pls.

Ta muchly

Confused Noc

OK so it's three decals.
I've found where the blacklines go (on the antenna earcap)
But I still have two triangles to place.
Any clues?

Thanks again.
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This one?

tdh arrows.jpg


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I remember someone used to make these as rub-on transfers. If I remember correctly, it included the triangle, side stripes, and the small 'box' inside the white U-shaped earcap on the left side.

Is anyone still making these? VashDStampede?