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Hi all, I was searching the net for a site about making movie prop helemts and found this place. Funny thing is: I work for Lucasfilm and never even heard about this forum.
Anyway, I'm REALY impressed with you guys skills and think maybe you can help me with my project. You might recognize this as an old Powell Peralta skatebaord graphic.

I've been wanting to make this fantasy Viking helmet for some time now and with Halloween fast approaching, its time to tackle it.
I've got some modeling and sculpting experience but I really cant think of where to start on this one and thought I'd turn to the pros for advice. ;)

Ok, I want to be able to actually wear this helmet so it has to fit over my head and not weigh a ton, but still be sturdy enough to wear. I also want it to look REAL, or at least as real as a movie prop looks up close.

I'd like to finish it with metallic paint, a wash for grime and a patina for age so the surface needs to be relatively non-porous.

But what to use? I know about the foam ILM modelers use and I understand its nasty stuff unless you have the proper equipment and space. I'm working out of my living room/patio so it cant be too crazy a material.

As for how I achieve the look, I imagine the "horns" on the sides of the helmet would have to be sculpted separately and then attached to the sides of the the material the helmet is made from would need to be able to accept glue or some other type of reinforcement.

And if its a type of foam I use to make it, what types of materials could I coat it with to make it non-porous?

Alright, that's enough rambling, I really need some advice here and look forward to hearing from you!

You need to use [ image ] and [/ image ] here. (no spaces though) Nice helmet.


p.s. I'd gladly make this helmet for you in glorious detail if you can "accidentally" lend me the screen used ESB helmet next time you're up at the ranch. ;) j/k
Any other time than now, and I'd tackle that in fiberglass. Unfortunatly, between now and C III, my designing time is filled.

DreadPirateRoberts wrote:

ahhhhh the old Per Weilender skull design
I used to have that streetboard back in the day when I was a lil skate rat

Ahh yes a vintage Per - I collect old NOS boards too - this looks like a neat project!

U know what else would be cool would be a 3d McGill skull or Caballero dragon - I think u've touched on something here dreadpyrat!

Sure would be neat to see some updates as/if it moves along!

You can buy a base helmet made out of styrene from Tobins Lake Studios. I think their web address is: Just do a search for Tobins Lake Studios and you should come up wiht it. They are a theatrical supply company and have traditional soldier armor vac-formed for theatre departments. Some pretty good base armor. I'd also check out the Halloween store, they may have something as a base too.

Good luck!
Wow! Thanks for the fast feedback, all! Ok, where to start...

@DreadPirateRoberts: I;m stunned that there is someone out there in the internet ether who actually has basically the same user name as me...for the same reasons! In fact, for the longest time, I had the same avatar. And we both love Star Wars and helmets. How nutty is that?!

@closedwheel: You collect too? The reason I want to make this helmet is I colelct that skateboard (well, I colelct lots o fold skates but mostly this one) and its time to do the helemt jsutice. I have about 40 Per WElinder models hanging on my wall, jsut to give you an idea of how insane I am. ;)

@Hard-Schaub: Can you give me more info on how you'd do this? I really want to make it myself but dont have vac-forming facilites...
As for the back, I dont have reference, but I know what I want to do.

@Geo: I'm gonig to check out that site right now! Thanks!

You know, in my mind, I'm scultping this thing out of clay or high denstiy foam and thne maknig a cast of it and thne pouring a slip cast of the helmet. But I'm sure there are better ways. Keep tossing out ideas! Thanks fellas!
''dreadpyrat'' welcome, hope you achive your goal towards your project. That helmet you want seems pretty cool. Wow you work for Lucasfilm ''any chance I might find a job their?.. he-he. ''good luck''.
Thanks Metalboy! You wanna work for Lucasfilm huh? I'm in the games division so I dont know much about the props departments. One time I got to touch an AT-AT though! ;)

Geo, that site you sent me to is FANTASTIC. I called and ordered a catalog and I see viking helmets there that will serve as a good starting point. 2 questions for ya...
1. What are they made out of? Resin?
2. What media should I use to "sculpt" on the details like the plating on the helmet dome and the crest peice?

dreadpyrat - Cool project idea!

Altough I have nothing to add to help, you maybe you might be able to help me. I know this is OT but since you collect vintage skateboards, could you tell me where I might find a rainbow Gator cica 1987? That was my first board and I'd like to have one again.


Back to the topic at ahand.
SW, I sure can help ya find it! The very first place to look and look often, is eBay. Just filter your search by: Sportinggoods/Skateboards (or osmething like that) and do a search on Gator. They are always coming up since the deck was so common at the time. You might also post here: in the Wanted Section...this is where I spend most of my internet life and liek here, the guys are super cool and will most likelyt be able to turn up your board in short order. Be prepared to pay for it though becuase Gator boards are popular. I have a min one and I think it cost me about 250. Good luck!
Ok, NOW back to the helmet project. ;)

dreadpyrat wrote:

@DreadPirateRoberts: I;m stunned that there is someone out there in the internet ether who actually has basically the same user name as me...for the same reasons! In fact, for the longest time, I had the same avatar. And we both love Star Wars and helmets. How nutty is that?!

yeah im a nut for the Princess Bride & Boba Fett.

its quite a simple formula : my two favorite characters have the same catch phrase DPR + Boba = "As You Wish"

I too collect old Powell Peralta stuff. I live in Santa Barbara and they uesd to have the factory here in town untill
they move 10 minutes north in Goleta. So as a kid my buddies & I used to watch Lance,Tony,Cab,Per,Tommy,Rodney,Mike. ( the original Bones Brigade) skate in front of the shop tseting new board designs. I also know VCJ ( the original artist for Powell) personally.....quite a character.
Here's a usless piece of trivia for you too: you know that big skateboard monolith in Animal Chin ?. Guess who gave them the idea for that.............yup me & my buds. we actually got to help VCJ make it.
Tooooo bad we all sucked at skating though
DPR: wow, you actually know VCJ?! I think that puts you at "hero" status with me. ;) And you helped design the monolith in AC How cool is that?
What do you collect, deck-wise?

Ok, I could go on and on about skatebaords so I'll try ot keep this balanced. I went to Tobin Lake Studios and ordered a catalog. I'm thinknig the #1032B would be an ideal starting place for this project.
(go to "easy armor" on te left side panel, choose Set 1001-1034, then choose 1031-1034 from the drop down list. Its in there.)
For the layering of the metal, um..."shingles" I though I might make cardboard templates and then cut strips of thin styrene that wrap around the dome of the helemt and I'd layer them like, well like shingles!
The creat and horns anr round horn mounts are a whole other issue. I think I can manage the horns by making templates and building them up wit a rib structure on the inside but what about the crest and the horn mounts? Any ideas?
yeah Court is a cool cat, havent seen him for at least 8-10 years.
deck-wise I have only 7
1.Original Hawk
2.Flame Tommy Guererro
3. Mullen Chess Set deck
4. Harris Skull mountie/Beaver
5. Cab new deck design w/ full dragon
6. Steadham skull
7. Mountain "experimental" new shape you know the ones with "experimental" silkscreen all over it. before it became the cave painting design,Signed by Hawk,Mountain,and George Powell himself.
I have tons of silkscreen test sheets that I pulld outta the trash bin, original stickers, posters, a bunch of AC " have you seen him?" goodies when they premiered it here in SB.
and my prized possession : a fourtune cookie that powell had made up special for the screening. Fourtune: " have you seen him "

see man, now you are gonna make me pull all that stuff out and drool over it the whole weekend.:eek:
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Silk Screen Tests? Ok, we gotta chat offline ;)....shoot me an email if you dont mind:

Guys, what do you think about using Sintra to make the add on parts for the helmet? Specifically the layered sheets on the dome?
Hey dreadpyrat, the Tobins Lake easy armor should be made out of vac'd styrene. You can call them and ask, but I'm 99% sure that's what they make it out of. :)


Another resource I use is they have thermoplastics and molding materials and supplies.

Good luck!

dreadpyrat wrote:

Silk Screen Tests? Ok, we gotta chat offline ;)

yeah, Basically 12" X 12" sheets that they used to test the shirt screeners with to make sure they cleaned and ready to go

they'd run the sheet through all the colors dry them and look for imperfections
Ive got about 30 or so " good ones" that I kept all the major players old and new artwork for the skaters
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