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G'day Guys!!!!

First post for TDH. Have been reading for some time though. Decided to listen to what alot of you have posted, and really tried to do my research before jumping in. I Have ordered a helmet from Sarge, have got a quote for gauntlets from Ruffkin, (which I am going to get), and have made some armour with the templates by Wizard, (mate thanks HEAPS for those!!!!!!)

Here is a pic of what I have done so far. I have used thermo-moulded plastic. Light weight, but REALLY strong, about 3mm thick. I am yet to curve some of it and sand the edges but its a start.

I would like to ask one question though, does anyone know where I can get pics or a PDF file of the pics on the chest armour and the shoulder armour as I would like to hand paint them on.

Cheers :cheers



Dha Syntir

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PM me your email and I'll send over a couple shots of the Mythosaur skull and Fett clan symbol to you ASAP. Check out the Cargo area as there are a couple guys selling decals of both, as well as on Ebay fairly cheap...