New Westar 34 3D model


Sr Hunter
I've just started on a Jango costume, and decided I wanted to make my own Westars. I've modeled and printed them, and published the files to thingiverse:


A few notes about the files:

  • I modeled them in OnShape, and tried to design it to minimize supports and allow for each different color to be painted before assembly so that the finish is nice and clean.
  • I didn't model screw heads in since I figured using real screws would look better anyway.
  • The little brass things that stick out of the rear and near the trigger guard would probably be better in metal or at least wood, but there are models for them.
  • The download includes "spinner" and "regular" trigger guards.

I've built it with pretty loose tolerances to allow for FDM printers that aren't super well calibrated. I'll be posting up an SLA-optimized version next where the parts are split differently and have much tighter tolerances.

I've printed one for myself and was happy with the fit and look of it. They might not be perfect but I feel like they are better than many of the other options out there, and are free to download rather than having to pay for them:

Westar 34 by stormtrooperguy

I'm also talking with another prop maker about giving him an SLA print to model and do cold cast resin versions... stay tuned if that's something that interests you :)

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