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Hello All! I am new to this forum but am so glad I found it, Already had so many questions answered just by browsing.
My Question now is this, I am starting on my own Mandalorian Armor Costume and have been going over the web for potential sellers and have come across a few but know nothing about them. I am really hoping to get some refrences or even new direction.
Does anyone know anything about:


Richies armor (visited this site but not sure if he sales)

Any other direction would be very much appreciated. Also any feedback on the ones listed.

Thanks in Advance All!


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I'm yet to hear a happy story about Star Fortress, AVOID!

There are plenty of great prop makers here, BKBT, FP, MOWar, & DS just to name a few.

Good luck!
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Yes, stay away from starfortress. I don't really know about RA, but I'm pretty sure I've heard good things about him.


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RIchies Armor is ok. He has stuff for a decent price but do not think you are going to get what you see in the pictures on his website because that is his peronal gear and the stuff he makes and paints is a little different. I also don't thinks he makes anything with fiberglass. Pretty sure he uses all sintra. He's a nice guy to deal with though