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first time posting but ive been watching the boards for awhile. I was thinking of purchasing some armor, and i had looked at all the different makers products. I was just wondering what you guys would recommend. I like the thought of having actual metal boba armor.

What do you think of wickedbeard's armor? To me i think it looks amazing, but i just wanted to get someone whos more inclined to armor to enlighten me on what is good, for the price. Trying to keep the price low, dont want the wife to kill me lol

thanks guys
Welcome Psych0ticmisfit!
. . . well, there's a phrase that only seems appropriate on a BBS. :lol:

Honestly, I'm not too familiar with wickedbeard's work. Personally, I'm not a fan of metal armor. I prefer vac-formed or fiberglass. There are several reliable vendors on the boards, so browse around and check things out before you commit to a purchase.

If you're considering buying something off eBay, make sure to ask around here, as several members have been burned by disreputable vendors selling either shoddy, low-quality parts, or recasts.

Anyway, maybe someone with first-hand knowledge of wickedbeard's stuff can add some insight.
in my opinion, it comes down to how picky you are about your suit. you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours on it... it's just a matter of what's right for you.

once you figure out how insane you want to be about it, you can get whatever parts match your goals.
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Even with the sintra armor there is good and bad.I bought my first set off ebay, had to pretty much reshape everything, threw down a pretty good paint job for my first attempt, trooped to a halloween party and had it for sale the next day. there are members here that make awesome fibreglass (MLC, BobaMaker, ect) and vacced armor
Here I am with my Sintra Armour, I am extremely happy with it, I would hate to replace it, and I would never sell it even if I were to replace it.


well I've made a few pieces from a trashcan, others from plexi-glas and a bunch of the pvc sheets... and well it's ok, but it doesn't have the right curve and none of the sheet stuff will ever have that.

only vac vormed or fiberglas pieces can have the right curves...

the thing with the sheet stuff, weither it is metal, pvc, sintra or plexiglas is, is that you can't wrap a sheet of paper around a football without fold lines if you know what I mean... Fett's armor is curved both horizontal as well as vertical.

Not that sintra, pvc etc armor looks bad, a decent paint job can make even cardboard armor look impressive.

the right curve does fit the body a little better though...
I applaud all of the creativity on the board and all the armor work is impressive.
My armor I believe is right up there in terms of realism and coolness, but I offer my affordable services for those who do not have a lot of artistic talent, or a lot of money falling out of their behinds.You should not have to get a second job just to have a cool costume.
Pesonally I really enjoy looking at all the custom fetts that people come up with.Just like predators, there are different mandalorians, so do not run with the INTO them.
Being different is what costuming is all about.
The average person does not care about extreme accuracy, just coolness, and the smiles it brings to peoples faces, especially children.

here is a shot of my ROTJ armor.Sorry about the slight blur.My camera is in dire need of





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