New to TDH? Read this about how much you will spend!


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As a new member this thread helped me tremendously. Will definitely help when I start to make a checklist of things I need. For now i'll start out with the helmet! Then naturally I'll want to build the rest!


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Hello, everyone.

I'm a long time lurker but finally joined this morning. I recently completed my first costume for the 501st, and I'm nearly finished with my first Rebel Legion impression. Closing in on the second 501st impression, but awaiting delivery of some pieces.

At any rate, this year my "big" armor project will be to begin, and hopefully finish, an ROTJ Fett. The list here is quite helpful, but fortunately the prices aren't entirely surprising. I started out in historical reenacting, and by the standards of that hobby, this stuff is positively budget priced.

Look forward to learning more and acquiring my costume this year.



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Haha I wish I saw this post earlier before i started my obsession with BobaFett. But once completed it will be priceless!


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Speaking of glue, I'm trying to find what works best with PVC, something that can take the stress. got any pointers or a direction for me to look?


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Great thread. I have a Boushh costume (not cheap either, **** these bounty hunters) so now the husband wants to be Boba Fett. I help him navigate the boards, so this looks like a good starting place


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Hey im new to this... sideshow has come out with the lifesize boba... do you guys think it will be a nice prop or do you think i should make my own?


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Hey im new to this... sideshow has come out with the lifesize boba... do you guys think it will be a nice prop or do you think i should make my own?
Make your own. It will likely cost you less, be wearable, and will likely look better painted than something that will be mass produced.
I love this thread. I'm always amazed at people who get into costuming and are shocked by the price. I started with Michael Myers, and even that was a $900-1000 costume to do it right. I've always wanted to do a Fett, and having now started to take the plunge... I will be trying my best to keep it slow and steady. Not only to save costs, but also to keep my Wife from murdering me in my sleep. :lol:


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There's no "proving wrong" to be done. Is it possible to make a great Fett in half the cost of this thread? Sure is. Is it easy? Nope. Most people, including myself, aren't going to try to scratch build jet packs or gauntlets when resin casted versions are easily available.


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Just watch. With a little time, I'm going to prove this topic wrong.
It all depends on what your goal is.

Plenty of guys start out building on a budget. But usually after you think you're done you find out new details of the costume or you want to upgrade here and there. Next thing you know you'll be hunting down found parts and metal replicas... finding yourself a few $ poorer. Lol!

Either way... enjoy yourself and have fun with the project!
Exactly. You can of course buy parts for cheaper at times. I've been going for the same thing and using my dollar very carefully, yet I have spent so far over 1200 dollars. By my calculations I still have about $600-800 more to spend unless I get lucky. It's not easy. And I am doing much of the painting myself!

But best of luck man! Just have fun and it will work out in the end regardless.

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Keep watching the Cargo Hold, the main 501st Legion board, and your local Garrison boards for parts. People are always dumping parts here and there, and you can save a good amount of money doing it that way!!! ;) I have a good quality ROTJ Boba Fett with pretty high end parts I built many years ago and also have gotten 3 used costumes off other 501sters: A Snowtrooper, A Tusken Raider, A Stormtrooper (missing a helmet, so I bought a helmet kit and built the helmet). Besides the Boba, those other 3 costumes basically came ready to wear so I didn't even have to build them! I have one Aker MR1506 voice amp I share between suits, and one Hyperfirm E-11 I use with both the TK and the TS. I'm living proof from all those guys with their $4,000 Boba Fett costumes.......

-ROTJ Boba Fett
-Tusken Raider w/real Totokia from Fiji with Fort Tusken metal mace end.
-Stormtrooper w/ Hyperfirm E-11 and Aker voice amp.

....... all 4 COMBINED cost me $4,000. Translation: Keep your eyes open for deals. They are out there if you hit them at the right time. :D

Since this is the Boba Fett board, and people like seeing the breakdown of components, here's my current version of my ROTJ Boba:

Helmet: Fiberglass MS3. Bobamaker rangefinder with lights and Hyperdyne moving rangefinder controller. (Purchased used. Every other part of my costume I painted myself). Just got that this week!

Armor: Fettpride, with Ruffkintoy metal right gauntlet darts and psberetta metal knee darts.
Chest Lights: Fettronics
Shin Tools: Bradley Fett
Jetpack: Bradley Fett with DeanO metal light-up beacon.
Jumpsuit/Vest/Spats: JK2 (company doesn't exist any more)
Neck Seal: TK409
Gloves: Slave 1
Boots: Mark Cheng
Cape: TK409
Braids: Julie (her horsehair Magic of Myth set)
Ammo belt: Sith Camaro (leather) with JK2 saddlebags.
Girth belt: Bought at local tack shop. Cut down and colored, myself.
Blaster: I built using a combination of parts acquired from Fett dad and Ruffkintoy.
Voice amp: Aker MR1506 with upgraded slim headset mic.


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Pretty much mate. This costume is not an easy or cheap one to make/assemble by any means. Even doing most of the work yourself (i.e. assembly/painting, etc.) you'd easily be looking at $2200-$2500 or more range. It all really just depends on which vendors you decide to go with and what parts you buy from them. There's also the constant 'upgrade' battle to contend with. Good luck!


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I am new here and wanted to build a Boba Fett costume for Halloween (I was very ambitious lol!)
I knew that in order to have a proper suit I would be shelling out big money and some people had waiting lists that would not be able to deliver their goods until after Halloween. Which is totally fine, I just happened to pick a very complicated project as a costume.
I have opted (after doing the math and research) to order the Collectors Edition costume as it will save me a ton of work and I will have an excellent starting point to add on to as I plan to have a fully screen accurate RotJ Fett suit and hopefully get into the 501st and get more active with my Cosplay friends.

The CE suit is by no means perfect, the big plus is not having to build the rocket pack but like I said, it will be a good starting point. I should be ordering it in the next couple of days so perhaps I could post up a review.