New Run of Man of War Gauntlets !

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Hey Guys,

Many of you have expressed an interest in purchasing a set of Gauntlets. At the time I was unable to help....

I'm now excepting pre-paid orders for a limited run of ESB, ROTJ or Jango Fett gauntlets..If any of you are still interested please send me a pm asap..Cost is $300.00 a set (non-painted) plus $10.00 for US shipping and $25.00 for International shipping.

Thanks again for everyone's patience.

They look great! Is the price for assembled gauntlets? About how long is it taking for you to make these after ordering?
What "IF" :D I wanted to buy Left ESB Fett and one Right Jango.

Would it be a little extra in price? is it doable? are they aprox. the same Sz?

Here you go Asok...

Again this is all past work...

I've recently changed the rear plug's now shorter in length and is a bit more squared around the edges, The photo below shows the original plug. Several of the last remaining sets of Jango gauntlets I've made I've used the new plug which looks more authentic..All new orders will include the new plug detail (y)


I'm fine with a mix-n-match set...wouldn't effect the price.

The Jango gauntlets are a little longer than my new version ESB's but since your combinig the right Jango with a left ESB which has the over hang keypad detail above the wrist..probably wouldn't even notice (y)

Send me a pm if I can help..
I'm interested in a Fett gaunlet set, ROTJ version. I could send payment next week. They look AMAZING!!! Thanks.
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