New Private Message Limits

Art Andrews

Community Founder
Community Staff
A considerable portion of our database is taken up due to the massive amount of PMs a number of our users are storing. We have limited all PM boxes to 500 messages. If you currently have over 500 messages you will not be able to receive additional messages until you have less than 500 messages. Either deleting old messages or downloading them in the various formats available within the PM system can achieve this.

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Will there be a warning message if a user is getting close to that limit? Reason I ask is because if not, then the user may simply not notice he/she is at the limit, nobody will be able to contact him/her, and he/she will not have any idea that people are trying to contact him/her.
When you are over your limit you will see a warning on every page in the top righthand corner, where you see your PM and logon info. The message will read "Your PM box is 100% full." Additionally, within the PM system, there is a meter that shows you how much space you have left.
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