General New Jango in Town...... :)

Well troops, thought i'd let you know that my Jango has been cleared for active duty in the UK Garrison...
I have already been trooping as ESB Boba for the last three years... so looking forward to swapping out costumes for different troops....
First troop in Jango is next week, at Legoland, Windsor, UK :)

Jango Action Shot.jpg Jango Front.jpg Jango Back.jpg Jango Side Left.jpg Jango Side Right.jpg

Parts list as follows:

All Armour is Cold Cast by Cruzer
Knees Cold Cast by DarkSide
Flight suit and leather flack jacket (BobaMaker),
Boots (GBX Size 10).
Ammo belt full leather with working pouches(seeker),
Girth belt full leather (From TDH),
Knee armour (Darkside, TDH, Cold Cast ),
Westars (Master Replicas number 199 of 1500)
Westars 1:1 Hyperfirm type replica made by Cruzer
ABS Jet pack made in the UK by a talented guy.
Leather Gloves (some type of flying glove of correct colour)
Gauntlets - Cruzer with DarkSide Ali parts


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Looks great man. Trying to catch up with you, just waiting on soft parts and jetpack paint. Helmet looks like a BKBT by Cruzer?


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Congrats mate I need some help to find some parts that I need... Maybe you could give me a few help

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Looks fantastic. Might have to pm you on who that talented guy is if my scratch build jp goes to pot.

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Thanks guys, and yes I kept getting called boba too. Plus all the other remarks about me losing my head lol

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Me on the UKG march at Legoland Windsor

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image.jpg image.jpg

Some more pics of the UKG bounty hunters.