New Jango Helmet!


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New Jango Helmet! New Pics Top of Thread.

There are not too many options for a Jango helmet & I wasn't happy with just filling the dent of a Boba helmet. This is an extensively modified sculpt that has not had a component or surface reworked or scratchbuilt. What you see is a combination of fiberglass, styrene, resin, epoxy & body filler. I will be making a mold of this later this week so I can cast up a fiberglass copy. PM me if you would like a personal showing.;)



New Jango Helmet 055 copy.jpg

left profile copy.jpg

New Jango Helmet 047.jpg
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Hey Vince! Nice work( Congrats.!) and as I mentioned before,
You can put me at the top of that list for 1 of these Bad Boys!
More pics please!;)


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Foxbatkllr said:
It's very nice looking, but its still lacking on some Jango details. It still looks like a modified Boba helmet.

What details are missing? It looks unreal to me! Perhaps it would appear different painted up. Good work BKBT. :cheers