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Spent part of the weekend creating new holster molds and making this set as a test run. Still needs to be adjusted a bit. The shape of the holsters aren't as accurate as I'd like them to be. I'm going to try making better molds to make them a little more flared and curvy like the originals. Plus, I've got the more accurate posts from Ohio Travel Bag that I'll use once I've got a holster shape I like.

They seem to pair up nicely with my Seeker ammo belt.(y)

Let me know how I can make 'em better,




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Man those holster are the worst holsters I´ve ever seen. They are so ugly that you should send them to me... inmediatly... :lol:

Awesome holsters bro, you have skills
Wow! You did that over the weekend?!? I'd hate to see what you could do over a weeks time! Those are awesome. If you ever want to part with them, let me know.
Thank you very much guys for your approvals.

And by the way, this holster assembly is now for sale to the best offer...

...I just found some more Fett stuff I need.:lol:

You made it to sell? :eek:

You've become quite the prop guy.:) What do you need now, Jango toothbrush?
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I like to think of myself as a "specialized" prop maker.:)

Tonight I fabricated the half round piece that holds the D rings for its new owner. Tomorrow it's headed to its new home where it'll be paired up with a Seeker ammo belt...very complimentary pairing in my opinion!(y)

I have enough leather to make 3 more holster assemblies if anyone else might be interested.



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Very nice! Man you have become the Jango master. Once you make the adjustment your gonna make on your holsters, I'm gonna have to buy a set.

great job man.

How did you make the silver part the holds the belt?

Thanks again
Hey thanks guys. I'm still not too sure about the color, but when I look at the ref. pics on the cd I see orangish brown. And I see various shades of medium brown when I look at other makers holsters.:confused

Seeker, I used a halve from a 3/4" pvc pipe repair kit, a rectangular piece of 1/8" styrene, and 2 part epoxy. The bond appears to be very strong with little concern for the pieces breaking apart. The only disadvantage is that the hole wasn't wide enough to accomodate the 1" strapping, so I had to cut it down to 15/16" to be able to push the strapping through the hole. But the strapping I'm using is 6-7oz. so it's pretty thick.
If you have a better method I'd be interested since I'll probably be making a few more of these.

Thanks for the idea about the strapping. I kind of like the idea of keeping everything leather...but I'll give it a try on the next belt to see what I think. I'm assuming the strapping is held together by a big backpack like clip in the back, right (kind of like what's seen on a fanny pack)? I think I've seen belts like those around somewhere so I'll start looking.

Kivas, you could always sell yours if your not happy with it. ;)

Thanks again guys for the kind words,

First of all it looks awesome. I noticed that the color of the leather is much like the jumpsuit. It looks so different in pictures compared to the naked eye. My reddish brown always comes out orangish brown in pics.

I used the same thing for my front strap holder. I epoxied the half pvc pipe to a sintra backing. One problem I had was that the weight of the MRs stressed the epoxy a little so I changed my setup to accomodate. I drilled a couple holes in the front of my codpiece where the assembly sits. I transferred the holes to the sintra plate. And then I used bolts to bolt the center leather strap along with the sintra backplate directly to the codpiece. Then I epoxied the half pipe to the backplate. This way there is no weight on the glued on pipe.

For the belt that holds up the rear straps for the holsters, I used webbing like SEEKER did. I attached the webbing to the sides of my codpiece and buckle it in the back. The leather straps are riveted to the webbed belt and it is all hidden under the girth belt. The webbed belt around the cod also helps hold up the weight of the blasters.
If you look at the pics I've attached from the exhibit in PARIS, you can see that there is no actual ARMOR that connects the holster rig loop to the the girth, but it is indeed a piece of leather much like the rest of the belt. And as far as color, these show much like AOTC Visual reference guide that the color of the holsters should be a more Chocolaty Brown. Cruzer, Go ahead and Hook a Broda Up!;) (y)



Yeah, it is a half piece of round with a backing attached by rivets(more than likely) to leather. I can make yours like that no probs with the way I fabricated the holder piece out of very strong epoxy and a series of lips and notches using the repair kit part. However, I think the problems occured when using a regular piece of pvc pipe cut in half and glued flat to a backing. The bond area between the two pieces wasn't enough. But the way I fabricated yours, I actually had to cut notches out and even cut the end piece at a 10 degree angle so that it is overlaped by the round part....that probably doesn't make a lick of sense in trying to describe it. But if you'd like me to try and rig yours up like that I'd me more than happy to, especially to see if it works.


Edit: And what's up with that black clip on the one pic...what's that go to?
And also, the holster assembly I made was stained with dark brown...but for some reason the flash and camara seems to bring out red and orange. They are more brown in color. I'll try taking a pic without the flash. I had to use flash with these because I took them at night.

So don't worry, your holsters won't be a florescent orange when they arrive and you open the box.:lol:

Oh, and I like how in one of the pics you posted the jumpsuit looks blue...and in the very next pic it looks purple. Goes to show me the dramatic effects lighting plays in trying to photograph something. LOL

Yeah! Bro that would be cool! The more accurate, the mo' better!8) I think that black buckle clip is part of the holster assembly and it just so happens to be sagging down from underneath the girth, probably due to the fact that the manny has no Booty :moon !:lol:
All right, a pic of the hosters outside, out of the sun, to show the color without flash.

And an updated pic of the more accurate d-ring holder piece. Man, the owner of this belt is one picky Mando....kind of reminds me of me!:lol:




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