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Yesterday afternoon, out of the blue, a buddy sent me pics of a Fett helmet he's built. (What a nice surprise!) :D

He's looking for what refinements he needs to do to it.

The first pics show it compared to a DP 97. Since the first four pics, he's reduced the flare.

Looking forward to what you all think of his work!!


<img src=>

<img src=>

<img src=>

<img src=>

<img src=>

<img src=>

<img src=>

So, in the realm of Fett, there's the Movie-Sized and the Mystery Helmets. We need a name for this one! :)

And yes, it does need a dent!! :D

Unless it's Jango's? :lol:

take care all,

Hope you enjoy it!
Wow that puppy is huge! Hmm, I'd call it "The Dentless." :)

I had the same problem with over-flair when I was goofing with a clay sculpt awhile back (which is now in a plastic bag in the closet).

It's looking pretty good, I'll look forward to seeing more :)
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Too Big for me!!

I would look like a BOBBLE HEAD...haha

Excellent work though!!
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I like it. I agree that it might be just a little too flared, but it still looks like a great helmet :)

The farthest corners of the horizontal eye part look like they might come to too fine a point, I can't quit decide.

Once TD comes in here he'll let you know everything that's wrong ;) lol

Nah, seriously the helmet looks great, I'd love to see it painted up, or at least with the ear pieces stuck on :)

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Looks good to me, Rex. Is it the angle, or is perhaps the upper-rear curve on the jowl indentation too rounded? I don't know, I'm just a FNG.
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Looks good to me.. though it may be a tad big, and have a little too much flair (which u said he fixed) but overall it is pretty darn good.
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Perfect for those of us "big" guys;) :love :love Sorry, couldn't resist.
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Looks really good.First thing I noticed was the inner cheek area being flat just as it is supposed to.Even the "movie accurate" helmets got sort of rounded in the casting process,so this is off to a good start IMHO. :) Looking forward to seeing its progress.

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Very Cool! :cheers Is that sintra and Bondo? I know that pink and white look all too well. ;) The only thing that I can see is the angle on the T-visor. It might just be the angle of the pic, but it looks like the visor isn't squinty enough. This won't be that hard since it's not cut out yet. This is what I mean.

I take it that this bucket is meant to be more symetrical than the ESB. B/c if ESB is what your friend is going for, there are some warps that need to be added. But it looks like a great all purpose bucket for custom jobs like yours, Rex.
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Thanks very much for all the feedback guys! It will really help out alot.

BP, hmmm, hard to say mate, I think he's trying for a bucket that will work for ESB too. I'm trying to read between the lines here, and it looks like there are considerable or minimal differences between ESB and ROTJ? I'm aware of the flare, and the visor needs to have a slight warping for ESB.

Other differences?

Would it be correct to assume that to use the bucket for ESB and ROTJ, it's not possible to have a dual-use bucket, therefore,it would have to have something like this done:
For example: Make a mold for the ROTJ version, then go back to the original and make it for ESB?

I'm not sure if he's thinking of doing two versions...but we'll see.

I know he's pretty gung-ho to get this project rolling very soon, so the feedback helps out immensely!!

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The difference between the ESB and ROTJ is less than it appears. Though at the same time, the the helmets are not interchangable. I think a lot of the differences on the ROTJ have to do with how the original vacuformed helmets were cast to produce the fiberglass copies, i.e. the ROTJ helmet.
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Thanks Tyler, every little bit of info helps immeasureably.

As you know, trying to build something "Fett", which meets the collective approval of our TDH forum requires details, details and more details. I sure appreciate each and every tidbit of knowledge from all at TDH.

I know my buddy sure does too! :D

Trying to build a "all-purpose" Fett helmet that meets the requirements of ESB, ROTJ and Jango may not be possible, but with a few tweakings here and there, 3 separate helmets may be the way to go. I'm thinking out loud here, as I haven't even bounced this off the guy doing all the work! :)

But, to make something Fett that is darn detailed and screen accurate and yet affordable is a worthy goal.

take care all,

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Looks like we have another good helmet on the way. Why dont we call this one the "BIG BUCKET".
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Size looks about right to me. The real thing is HUGE. I traded my miniscule '95 years ago so I could lose that shruken head look problem. Keep up the work looks good.
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wow that is a very nice helmet ... but guys to have a real comparison put this helmet with the mistery and the movie-sz put pics side by side ...

and about the ESB and ROTJ a Q? :confused
both helms have the "wave"? i mean ESB have, but ROTJ have or not :confused ... so i go to cdref to see :D

EDIT : pics
<img src= width=342><img src= width=514>

ok what do ya think now ... the helm is not the same in the ROTJ ... they make a new one why :confused maybe they make the new 'cause the old have that wave ... sound weird but is just a thought :D
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Thanks again guys for the feedback! :)

Secol, many thanks for the pic comparison!!!

:) :)

It's coming together!!
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Again while having a discussion with Brak's, we came to the conclusion that the ESB helmet is the only Fett helmet, from prepro to RoTJ, that has the warp in the brow. Since the ESB was vacuformed, the warp may have been caused in the construction of the helmet.

The RoTJ helmet, as you can see, does not have the brow warp. It seems quite unlikely that the ESB hero was used to create the fiberglass copies. I suppose they could have gone in and cleaned up molded copy, but I just don't think that is practical given the nature of ILM and SFX houses in general. Besides, the warp was perfectly fine for ESB, why bother to fix it now.
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