New Guy making his introductions with helmet Questions...


New Hunter
Well, I'm new here on The Dented Helmet Board, but some of you may recognize me from the RPF or as JimE2 over on the ASAP board or as TK560 from the 501st. I'm getting into a ESB version of Fett, and knew that this place was the end-all of Fett gear. As a new guy, please help me learn more about the ultimate bounty hunter! I'm wanting to get into the helmet side of things first, and need an education on the different available helemts. I have a DP 96, and although its ok for a Halloween gig, I'd like a more accurate one. From what I've read, the "mystery" helmet is the one to get. Am, I wrong? What do these run? Anybody have a kit or prepainted version for sale?

BTW, take a look at my site,
The one shown in that thread is not a Mystery Helmet (MHK). There's not enough flare...

The MHK is definitely the one to get for now, especially if you decide to go ROTJ. They're extremely lightweight yet sturdy. The kit itself is easy to put together with very little prep-work. Do a search on 'mystery helmet' and the maker shall be revealed.

However, for true ESB looks, there is a 'Movie-Sized Helmet' (MSH). It's very rare, and its maker is already at work on version 2.

In the coming months, you will probably see other helmets being produced. Keep your eyes open!

Welcome to the group!
Tell me more about this MLC helmet! Like I said earlier, I'm a newbie. Any infrormation regarding a screen accurate ESB helmet, from a kit form, will be appreciated.

Thanks again
Welcome to TDH! As you noted, it is the place of Fett!

If it ain't here, it ain't Fett!


Good choice of ESB Fett, btw!


take care,


Welcome Aboard!
Any of the afore mentioned Helmets would work Excellent for you.
All 3 are Awesome!
Your choice will probably come down to when you need it and which are available.
While I'm doing the ROTJ version (will start on my ESB when this is complete) I've always liked the detail of the ESB helmet Better.
Once you get one of these Awesome helmets, you won't be able to remember who DP is :)
Robert E.
Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm really trying to decide now, if I want to tackle scratch build one, out of cardboard, and old Garage sale signs, or to get one of these MLC1 or MLC2. I'm 6'2" tall and about 170 lbs. Kinda lanky. I'd prefer s screen accurate scale bucket, and these appear to be very close. Hows about a comparison between the two, appropriate for my weight/height?

Thanks again

Jimbo890 aka TK560
The MLC2 is smaller than the original MLC (for smaller heads), which is a bit smaller than the MSH. If I'm not mistaken, you are fairly close to screen accurate height and weight (I know somebody is going to jump in with the exact measurements :p).
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