New gauntlet closing method?


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So, this is my right Ruffkin gauntlet, after 3 months of epoxy and sanding. I would have progress pictures, but until last night, I thought the entire project was a lost cause. One of the last things was to decide how to keep the shells closed, so I decided to use styrene, epoxy and magnets. It fits together perfectly, and when it is primed, you can't even see the seam. A word of warning, however, do not use 6 magnets. It closes very forcefully and unexpectedly.





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Xombie said:
shiny ecto-plasm interior does not begin to describe this project


That is a very clean closure seam. And the "magnet shelf" strips look really well worked. Are you using Neodymium (sp?) magnets?


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Here's an interior shot of the "shelf." I'll get a better picture tomorrow in the daylight. It's actually smooth on the inside, but the reflection from the flash makes the epoxy look really uneven.



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I used the same method on my Jango gauntlets & in three years have never had a problem with keeping them closed. The best part is that they are super easy to get into but require a bit of coaxing to get out of.