New Cod Piece

Dha Syntir

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I just received a new resin cod piece yesterday. As I was trimming and sanding it, I noticed what looked like a place where it looks like a hole "should be" on either side of the cod. I should drill those out as that's where the cod attaches to the lower back/butt plate, correct? Anyone off the top of their head, know what diameter drill bit I should use? Thanks.

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That's where Boba's cod and butt plate attach via the same studs used to attach the collar to the back plate. For the cod it's one on each side.
I assumed that was how they attached but wanted to make sure before I went drilling it only to find out later I screwed it up, again. What are the studs called? Greeblies? Or? And where can I get a set for my upper armor and the cod/kidney plates?

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