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I got my Clark James display today. Clark did an awesome job. I don't know how many of you guys that got one of these but they are top notch. Clark has enough parts for about 20 or so more. If you guys are interested, let him know. I will even guarantee that you like them or I will buy it back from you. They are super thin and come very well packaged. They come with a black vacuum formed back cover to protect the electronics from damage or sweat. The board is setup to display the "official" ESB display and with a flip of a switch, it will display the Don Post display. It also comes with a red gel covering to hide the LED display edges.


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Unless I am reading it wrong, this is not a Boba Fett Premium Display...its a Bob Fett :lol: :)

That is awesome!
~Darren 2 of them myself...shzzzzzzzzzzzzzzweeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...he does great work...and its worth every penny...its always the piece that seals the deal for me when I am out...peeps get totally stoked once I flip the switch...and the same goes for my 'bobo's' RF lights...

Lewis :D
Hi again,

For the record, I do have 16 displays built and ready to ship. They're packaged complete with the dual-message display, protective black plastic back-cover, slot-cutting templates, instructions, and set-up suggestions.

See a full description and reviews at:

If you have any questions, you may post them on this thread or contact me directly at:

Oh yeah...and...

I just temporarily installed this chest display in my armor. It looks awesome! I can't wait to finish my armor now. Anyway, I will post a picture when the armor is painted.
Just saw this thread again, and checked Clark's page with the reviews. I'm famous! No, just kidding.

I do plan to purchase a second display in a month or so.
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