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Ok, I've been hearing some poeple around the net looking for tutorials or something on making a set of Neo Crusader armor. I thought we could discuss on how to make it accurate and detailed.

The armor is pretty simple from what I can tell, it's the helmet that's the biggest issue. Some tlak was started about using leather or some kind of fabric material to get the flow effect of the helmet-to-shoulders area.

Canderous Ordo

I think this is the latest Neo Crusader version from SWG, the "Imperial" version I believe

So lets see what we can come up with, and please keep it civil. We don't want the admins to lock this one up too. :lol

Oh, and I'll translate any game design langauge as it ocmes up. Remember, game models don't have much detail, and it's the textures that give most of the detail, though not always, so it can be deceptive on "whats-what".
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This looks like it would be great to do. I mean you could leather for it or just some cheapier vinyl from walmart and you can fiberglase the hard parts or make it out of something for flexable. I would love to make one of those helmets. I might try to make some proto-types just to see how they turn out.
Take a good look at the helmets from KOTOR I/II. There is a long row of what seems like holes for air (similar to the back on the modern) from the chin to bottom of it.

The SWG version is, actually, very inaccurate, and is non-canon from what I have seen.


Just for a small history (as that's what I'm into hehe), the troopers from the games is the regular foot warrior in the Mando'ad infantry. The Canderous Mand'alor armour is his old armour, and some warriors used exactly the same design but in wide range of colours. The latter is easier to make and looks just as good, if not better.

There are others, or the shock troops. The shock troops are the more elite warriors, and wore jet packs and special weapons. You could say they were like the forefathers of ARC troopers in the GAR.

Here's a picture of the shock troops I found in these forums:


The one behind rohlan, it's the same armour as Canderous wears.

That's my 4 kroners. :p

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I've already started on the helmet (seeing as how that is most difficult) and I have most of it done, all but the hard parts pretty much I held it together with pins and it look ok but it collapses. That might change after i finish, but if not, I'll use a few metal strips around the inside to support it.