Needed help w/ my MLC armor - TK409 to the rescue again!!

Below is mail between Chris & I posted w/ his permission. I thought others may have had the same question...

closedwheel 172 wrote:

Hiya Chris, wondering how ur likeing the MLC armor - just got mine & everything's painted etc. but I'm looking at the shoulders & wondering if they are not too cylindrical. I've noticed the pic of u pointing the gun @ the camera where it's evident, but the pics u've posted in the current thread for MLC armor doesn't show the roundness. Are u using a diff shoulder or did u just play w/ positioning them on the vest?

Finally, how did u attach them to the vest - industrial velcro? Snaps?

Thanks as usual!

Trooper TK409 wrote:

Hey Rod, the MLC2 armor - I love it - it's the last armor I'll ever buy. I attached the shoulders with velcro and sewed velcro to the shoulder sleeves. Also, you have to shape the shoulders. Mine looked like they were cut straight from a pipe when I got them. Here's how to fix it - it's easy. Fill the kitchen sink with cold water. Set them in a 250' preheated oven for 1.5 minutes, remove and bend them out. While holding them in this shape, quickly immerse in the cold water to freeze the shape. Make sure to bend them out slightly more than you think you need because it will pull in just slightly in the water.

End Note from closedwheel 172: The advice worked like a charm - probably good that I didn't apply my sticker yet but the paint was fine - actually didn't get that hot but work gloves is probably a good recommendation! I didn't know u could form fg!

Thanks again Chris!!
It's good you shared this with all of us since I'm getting a set of MLC armor as well. It is good to know that you can still form FG.

Thanks closedwheel and Tk-409
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