Need stronger clear coat


Is there a good product on the market to seal up my armor and bucket that will have a good clear coat and offer stronger protection. I am tired of having to touch up my armor after each day of wear because it picks up scrapes and scratches :angry .

I have had AWESOME luck with testers DULL COTE. Its not good if your looking for a shiny finish obviously :facepalm . If you want shiny, I like the enamel stuff. It takes a LONG time to dry though.

On a side note......why don't you like the scratches? It looks lived in that way :)
Some are fine but I have gotten some that just make things look bad. I'll check out the dull cote and the enamel. I mostly want something that will keep things as I made them instead of getting damaged in transport or by rubbing against things like walls and such.
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