need RoTJ Hero Jetpack Level 2 assistance.


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Looking at the 501st CRL for Hero Version and i'm a little confused and need help finding references to bottom details as it mentions in Bold.
as i believe there are a few different packs used which various details missing like the dental file.


OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable):
  • ROTJ Special Edition era damage is not present on the ROTJ Hero jet pack.
  • There are two vertically aligned rivets on the right (facing) white section.
  • Any black lettering seen on the pack is hand painted.
  • Jet pack Collar, beacon and outside thruster greeblies are made of metal.
  • Beacon is painted based on the version of the ROTJ era jet pack being represented.
  • The stabilizer is an actual Michell turn table sweep arm base a direct metal replica.
  • Based on the version being represented, the jet pack has accurate Micro Mega Dental File or direct replica that is blue in color, in front of stabilizer as seen in film era visual references.
  • Based on the version being represented, all weathering, details and accurate connectors on the back at the base of the jet pack should be consistent with ROTJ film era visual references.
  • Jet pack is supported via accurate metal hooks that exit the rear of the upper and lower jet pack sections.
  • Jet pack is secured via an accurate scuba tank frame/harness (or replica). The jet pack attaches to the harness via a lower horizontal bar that the lower hooks on the jet pack rest on. Attached to the harness’s shoulder strapping should be weathered 1.5” white nylon/canvas straps with rectangular rings that attach to the upper hooks of the jet pack, keeping the pack in place.
  • The harness’ shoulder and waist straps are made of accurate black seat belt style webbing and is secured in the front by an accurate US Divers buckle (or direct metal replica).


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The pre ROTJ jetpack had the blue dental file in place, but at the time of filming it was already missing (the CRL is wrong here):
Post ESB/pre ROTJ (around 1980)

ROTJ publicity shot (around 1982)
ROTJ Jetpack No File.png

The connectors on the bottom back of the jetpack seems to be the same between the post ROTJ and after filming of ROTJ:
Post ESB/pre ROTJ (around 1980)

No switch and connector (now just a rectangular cutout) on the bottom of the jetpack

From what I know, we only have this blurry image of the back of the ROTJ jetpack (post 1983, shot in the 90's?) and it looks close to the Pre ROTJ one
Fett Archives.jpg

Bottom switch and connector (in time of filming 1982)

Post ROTJ, one of the exhibits (note the missing connector)


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for level 2 would i need to have small switch and connector at the bottom of base, and dental file even though it was missing just to adhear to crl.

one reference you showed there was no switch or button, and on had both, and one had the cable plugged into the bottom.
or can you do either one or the other.

i think it mentions the 2 rivots it want' the one with switch and connector. as the pic without didn't have rivots
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