need opinion one or two


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I was working on my rifle for my custom mando and I wanted to add a silencer to the front and these are the two I came up with I just wanted to get every bodys opinion on which one they like better.


Zurath Kodul

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Beyond power, there is speed.
Beyond speed, there is intelligence.
Beyond intelligence, there is THE ONE!!!

(Silencer No. 1)

never risk fett

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definitly NUMBA TWO

no way---#1 all the way, look beefier..2 looks too wimpy for a huge gun like that, its not enough. 1....and btw..very sweet gun

Dha Syntir

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Another CS-6 huh? I think I'm going to have to lose mine and upgrade very, very soon...Go with the first silencer.



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Question from ignorant new guy. How did the rifle itself get it's start? Did you make it from stratch, or modify something bought?
I vote for #1


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It started as a Nerf Longshot CS-6 I can still remove the silencer and add on the extended barel to give it a nice sniper look. Also with the new scope I added it really looks nice.