Need opinion about vendor source



I was going to purchase some materials off this vendor "" but im hearing bad things about this place, such as thousands of dollars being ripped off, after payment being sent no replies and dissapears with money. Is this all true? Is there someone here that sells a compete suit. I like editing already completed suits, i can never start from scratch lol most times i build the whole suit over again, i just need to start off with somethings complete to look at and use while i perfect it. Thanxz for your input
This is owned by a new person and from what I hear does very good customer survice. I have emailed them a few times but they aleays answer me. I am thinking about getting a jumpsuit and vest from them.
yeah i just emailed the site yesterday bout C.O.D purchases so lets see if i get an answer, i hope so cuz their stuff looks good ^_^
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