Need last minute resource for Jango jumpsuit!


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All right guys, I was trying on my jumpsuit late last night and noticed it was kinda tight:rolleyes:lol:, so I bent down to stretch it out a little and "ripppp" right down the middle and I immediately felt a rush of cold air by my...uhm!:lol:

So I have today and tomorrow to find a black pair of coveralls or a pair of 100% cotton coveralls I can dye black and basically need no alterations. I don't need the double sleeves as I'm not sporting hoses so that's not a concern.

Anybody remember seeing any chain stores that sell black or stainable coveralls that are decent for Jango, have a good cut, and are usable outa the package?


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I would look for the black first since dying stuff back is nearly impossible. And as for where to look ummmm any where they sell dickies maybe or an army navy store but you prob. already new that.


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Thanks, I've only seen the Dickies in navy blue and tan around here so I figured those were out of the question. And the suit actually should be dark grey, so it sounds like a blue set at a surplus store would be my best bet if they'll take some black stain to make them a dark grey.(y)

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Bro, I think Sportsman's Guide had some black flightsuit/coveralls. I got some for my boy's custom Mando. They were only $20- at the time...

Or, try they have some stuff like that too.

I'd send you his, but it's a medium. What size are you? You could borrow my custom black Jango flightsuit if you like.
I'm a 43" chest, 5'10" 195lbs.