Need correct pipe fittings for right gauntlet!


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Hi guys. I'm coming to the experts here, you!

I need to make a ripcord housing unit for my kid gauntlets so I can then make a silicone mold of it for for resin pulls. Can someone point me in the right direction to get those middle brass pieces. I can't find them anywhere locally.

I could also "rent" them from someone as I only need them temporarily to make the mold. I'd pay all shipping fees and kick in some extra $$ of course for helping me out.

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Cruzer, you're talking about the piece on the right, correct?


Amflo redesigned that particular piece, and it no longer resembles the piece of old. However, you may get lucky and find some older stock.

There are probably other fittings out there (from other companies) that have similarly designed pieces, though.


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BN is right, Amflo changed the design so the whole thing is hex shaped. I bought them online somewhere, I'll have to see if I can find the place again. I'd let you borrow mine, but they are already Jb welded and glued into place.

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I had these made up for me cause I couldn't find the US parts here in Singapore. Will these help?


If so, LMK and I'll have 1 shipped to you as per your post. No extras needed, just the shipping costs. :)


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Thanks guys. Yeah, I had read they were redesigned so I figured you guys were my only hope. Unfortunately I cant see the pics as my work computer blocks them for some reason.

Batninja has graciously offered to let me borrow his for now, but that Fitzilla site looks promising as well so I'll check into it.

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