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That is too funny. Maybe you should start a thread to find out who holds the record for longest time in armor, LOL.

I like your sig bar comments too!



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I know no-one's posted here in a while but I just wanted to say a huge, "Thank you!" to LadySewForUs.

I'll be getting my sewing machine today so I'm getting all the soft part tuts I can. I really appreciate this one! :)

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Thx u so much, originally i started all this to make a gift Fett Helmet for a friend, but the more i stay around and all this info...... i think i will just keep the lid and make me a whole Fett!!!!!
Once again thx!!!!


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LadySewforus and to any it may interest:

I used your tutorial for a neck seal. The dicky part just bunches up around the base of the neck. I removed the dicky part and cut/hemmed a flat, fabric donut that had a "hole" a little smaller then the inside of the closed neck seal. I then sewed the inner edge of the donut to the bottom of the neck seal. When the seal is closed, the whole thing looks like a short, white hat with no top. Make sense? I will post an image, but the dicky lays much better over the back, chest and shoulders. Some fine tuning and it would lay perfectly.
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Worked a treat - many thanks.

I was using a 2oz padding so my strips were probably nearly an inch as the first 'rib' looked a bit weedy.

I'm going not attach a dickie but attach the neck seal to the flak vest or flightsuit - any advice on which would be easier/look better?