Name That Helmet Game


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Ok Folks, here's how it goes. I'm going to post a picture of my helmet. You tell me who made it. The first person to get it right (I'll let you know) wins, and then they post their helmet, starting it all over again. Let the games begin!



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judging by the thickness of the mandibles i would guess its a DP. just not sure which one.

but then again i could be completely wrong.

welsh hunter

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Its not a DP but your right in that the mandibles are quite thick. Its the one part of the helmet that bugs me a little :lol:
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welsh hunter

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Hi Boba Al! How are you mate. Thanks for the compliments on the bucket . . I was totally blown away by it when I recieved it . . and I cant stop looking at it, even as Im trying to work :lol: . Hats off to AFFO$ for a killer bucket.


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Hey Al

you got it right. Lets see the close ups of your bucket then.

guess i don't know my bucket types as well as i thought :lol: a Marrowsun version 1 :facepalm

Boba Al

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Cha ching!! AFFO$ was first noice one!!!

Thanks for complements

Just finished the suit the other day and got my ESB side arm today so finally she is finished!!

Lynn TXP 0369

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OK.... Here is a real head scratcher, only you old timers may know the maker of the bigger helmet.
But try and name both anyway....






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