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I need some orientation, I´m trying to take a decision about what helmet I can buy. One of the possibilities is the "mystery" helmet, but I don´t know approximately how much money I have to spend on it (in total, including visor, painting). Anyone has one of this helmets?

I have one.

You'll need to buy the RF stalk as that dosn't come with it, interior padding or a helmet liner, the visor is included in the kit.

Everything total, helmet, shipping, metal RF stalk, padding or helmet liner, paint, putty, sanding supplies, plan on $250-275 at least total.

That does NOT including any tricked out interior mods like a movable RF, RF LEDS, voice electronics etc.

Sounds about right Lynn!
That's about what I have in my mystery helmet.
I just need one of those servos now. ;)
Robert E.
The voice stuff can range from $60.00 US for a radio scrap model or $400 for some of these sound board devices which I've been reading about.

Plan to spend the majority of your time and money on your bucket LOL

I was originally going to upgrade to the Mystery helmet as I was doing ROTJ. But then I decided to switch to ESB so I chose the Movie Sized Helmet (MSH) as its apparetly more accurate to ESB whereas the Mystery helmet is more accurate to ROTJ.
I think I will just do both and see which I like more. I have a Mystery on the way that is fiberglass and supposedly a first gen pull. I am excited to see how nice it is. I think a MSH2 is something I'll try too. I suppose I could even do one ESB and one ROTJ paint scheme. That would be wild huh? Here I need SO many things for my Fett suit and I have situations where I may end up with BOTH helmets. Weird how things work out. I dont pretend to understand it. So lets see some finished Mystery helmets.


animetronic wrote:

Weird how things work out. I dont pretend to understand it.

Things like that happen. For instance, I have 2 MSH helmets. You have to buy things when they're available - NOT when *you* want them. ;) I thought (when getting into the Fett costuming hobby) that I could buy stuff as I needed it. NOPE. I had to buy stuff as it was *offered*. Really messed up my building plans, but it all got done, and probably faster than had I waited for each piece to be offered as I needed it. :)

i am VERY interested in that avatar pic ya got there.....is that a costume?......dude , that looks soooooooooo cool!!.........pm me some info on that please.......

now back to your regular programming.....
I have just nabbed a MSH, and isnt the MSH alittle small? Cause being my first fett helmet, it seems very tiny compared to my Vader helmet. LOL

Im wondering if I got the kids size or something.

Are their any plans or blueprints out there maybe a 1:1 scale image I can print out or something?

Id like to find out if I have an odd sized one.


Congrats on bringing up another thread from the dead.

Every other member besides Darth-Malevelus,
Sssssshhh!!! Don't tell him what's going to happen to him if he keeps this up. :lol:
LOL.... Well, I guess resurecting old threads might be better than starting 5 new ones looking for the same old info!! Maybe its time for another "use the search" thread in HUGE letters so nobody misses it ;)
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